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I never meant to brag

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Gerard has always had a crush on Bella. That is until a new girl shows up. What happens when Gerard no longer has feelings for Bella, but Bella finally does

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so i got inspired by something that happened to me.... hope you guys like it.
" I dare you to kiss Gerard!" Frank squealed.
" No!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.
" Oh come on we all know he would love it!" Olivia and Téa, my two
best friends, yelled. Yes it is true Gerard has liked me since third
" I am leaving now. " I said as I got up.
" Wait don't leave Bella!" Gerard grabbed my hand. " We don't have to
kiss. I know you don't want to and stuff we can just hang out. " He
begged. I couldn't help but smile at how much he really liked me. It
was nice to know that some could like you even if you don't like them
" ooooo Gerard and Bella sitting in a tree...." I flipped them and I
saw Gerard blush out of the corner of my eye.
" Lets do something else this is borring." Olivia complained. We all
agreed and
Changed the Game to seven minutes in heaven. We spun the bottle and it
landed on Téa and frank. Oh this wa going to be fun. Frank smile and
Téa rolled her eyes. They hated each other. More like Téa hated
Frank. They walked up and went straight to the closet. Téa pushed
Frank into the closer roughly.
Buzz. buzz. My phone vibrated and I quickly took it out. It read a
message from: Georgio I smiled because he wa my crush and Olivia had
told me that he liked me so I was beyond happy that he texted me.' Hey
I was wondering of u wanted 2 go out wit me sometime?' it read. I
gasped loudly.
" What happened?!" Olivia asked.
" Nothing..." I trailed off. I wasn't paying attention and before I
knew it Olivia had grabbed my phone and read it out loud.
" to go out with me?!! Oh my god Bella, Georgio asked you out?!"
" What? No. Yes.. Why do you care?! Werent you suppose to tell Téa and
Fank that their time is up?" I asked trying tot change the subject. "
" Oh yeah. " Olivia said as she walked over to the closet.
" Hey fr- oh my god!" She yelled as she stood by the door. In the
closet was Téa on the floor and Frank on top of her as they were
making out.
" Damn girl what happene to I hate Frank the bastard?!" I asked. She
flipped me off but didn't move away from Frank. Oh my dear friends.
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