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The new girl shows up.. things start to happen. Feelings will be revealed.

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Over the next couple of weeks everything was great. Georgio and I were
dating, Téa and Frank were no longer fighting, everything just seemed
to fall into place. It felt kind of awkward around Gerard, but I tried
not to pay too much attention.
I walked into the school with Georgio's arm around my waist. I was so
happy that I could call him MY boyfriend. When I arrived at my class
room Georgio kissed me good bye and left. I walked in to find every
guy starring at something. They look like dumb cows watching the train
go bye. I looked in the direction and saw that they were all starring
at some pretty blonde bimbo. I walked over to where she was sitting
becuase it just so happened that she was sitting where I sat.
" Umm excuse me but you are in my seat?" I said annoyed by the fact
that she wa sitting next to Gerard and he didn't even say anything.
" I don't see your name on it." She said smirking. I could have bitch
clapped her right there but I honestly didn't need anymore detentions.
" Well maybe you don't know who I an but I would move your sorry ass
if I were you. "
" Bella cone on she's new and you don't need anymore detentions. "
Gerard spoke up.
" Yeah listen to hottie over here. " the bitch said. I saw Gerard
blush and I glared at him.
" Whore. " I said under my breath as I walked off to sit next to Olivia.
" You okay?" She asked.
" Just great" I growled.
" What so wrong about you not sitting next to Gerard. I mean what
bothers you so much? It's obvious he likes Shauna. " She question my
actions. What was I so fed up with?
" So that's what the name of the bitch is. " I said.
" Dont try to change the subject Bella."
" Forget it. " I said trying to pay attention to what the teacher was
talking about, but to be quite honest I couldn't stop glarring at
Gerard and the bitch laughing and sending notes. Olivia noticed and
nudge me so that I would stop.
When the bell rang I ran out of the class room and sprinted to my
locker. I couldn't help the fact that I was pissed off. I saw Georgio
walk over to me with a smile plastered in his face. Georgio pulled me
into a hug and then kissed me for what seems like an hour. Out of the
corner of my eye I saw Gerard frown. I felt kind of bad, but I guess
that's what he gets for taking shauna's side. I pulled away before I
walked with Georgio to world culture and geography class. I sat next
to georgio and Téa was sitting next to me and Frank. They had gotten
really serious with their relationship but it was kind of gross when
then would start to make out while we were hanging out. I guess I
would do the same with Georgio so I shouldn't talk. In the middle if
class I got a note from Téa.
' Olivia told me you got pissed off in science because Gerard sat next
to some new chick. ' oh I was going to kill Olivia. I wrote back.
' I wasn't mad because of Gerard sitting next to that bimbo, for all I
care he could make out with her and I wouldn't give a shit. I was olny
mad cause she took my seat and she wouldn't get out of it.' I sent the
note back and recieved it again after a couple of minutes.
' Excuses, excuses. Olivia said you were furious and that you were
glarring at Gerard. ' I was getting a little annoyed by the fact that
they wouldn't drop it.
' Think what ever you want but I was NOT mad because of that. ' this
whole conversation continued until the class was over and we went to
While Georgio was getting his lunch Gerard asked to speak to me in
private. I agreed not knowing what this was about. We walked out to
the field an sat down.
" So what's up Gee?" I asked starting the conversation.
" Well you see..... There's this girl that I like, Not you by the way,
and I really need advise on how to get her to like me back. " After
the last word left his mouth I knew exactly who he was talking about.
The bitch. ( Shauna ) so that's what this was about. " So will you do
it?" He asked.
" Um sure. " I said clenching my fists. That bitch didn't deserve
sweet Gee. He was too nice for that bitch.
" Thanks!" Gee pulled me into a hug. I glared at the tree and
pretended to shank Shauna.
We walked back and sat down.
The rest of this week was well slow and annoying with the fact that
all Gerard ever talked about was Shauna. All I ever heard was " Shauna
this" and "Shauna that. " it was really pissing me off.
I was sitting on Georgio lap and talking to Olivia when Gerard came
bursting through the door. The smile plastered on his face seemed very
strange. But as soon as I saw Shauna behind him it all came together.
" Guys meet my new girl friend Shauna!" he introduced us. Shauna
smiled and waved. She was wearing white shirt from abercombe, black
skinny jeans and uggs.
" Uhh I have to go!" I said quickly as I ran off to my hiding spot. I
ran as fast as my legs could take me. As soon as I got to the willow
tree I sat down and started crying. I cried, but I really didn't know
why. Why couldn't everything just go back to when I didn't have any
feeling for Gerard. Wait did I just admit to myself that I liked him?!
Whoa. I cried even harder out of frustration. I was crying so hard I
hadn't noticed that Frank was kneeling right in front of me.
" I-I don-" he cut me off.
" I know. " he said hugging me.
" How?" I asked puzzled.
" I am one of your best friends I know you. " He said as he pulled out
of the hug.
" I don't know what to do!" I admitted.
" If you actually like him you have to let him go. He is actually
happy right now. " He was so deep when he wanted to.
" Your right. " I had to let him be happy. He would do the same for
me. Right?
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