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Jealousy comes into the story.

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That's all I felt for the next couple of weeks. Sometimes I wouldn't be able to handle it and I would have to make an excuse to leave. As much as I try to not show my emotions Frank could still see right through it. When I feel real bad I just go over to his house and cry. I cry like there's no tomorrow. It helps me relieve me anger.
I was laying on my bed listening to some quite music when I got a text from Georgio asking if I wanted to hang out. Of course there was no way that I could say "No" to him.
Although I like Gerard i still really do have feelings for Georgio. I guess it's better than to not have anyone like Mikey and Olivia.
I walked out of my house and started to walk towards the cafe where Georgio and I had decided to meet up. When I got to the cafe I saw Georgio sitting in the back corner. He was still good looking. his caramel toned hair, his deep brown eyes, his smile, his tanned skin tone, everything was just great about him. He was perfect. Except he wasn't Gerard.
I smiled as I sat down across from him so that we would be able to face each other while we talked.
" Hey." I greeted him.
" Hey."
" So you wanted to talk about something I suspect." I tried to get the conversation going.
" Yeah... see-" I cut him off.
" Wait your not going to dump me right?!" I panicked. He chuckled at my alarm tone of voice.
" No. I wanted to talk about how you have been. I mean lately you kind of seem out of it. We'll be sitting around hanging out with your friends and then all of a sudden you just decide to leave, just like that. I mean I have no idea what is going on, but I just want you to talk to me." He said explaining why we were here. He noticed. He noticed that I was acting strange. Quick Bella make something up.
" Well.... I guess that I have just been a bit moody. Ya 'know?" He nodded and I continued. " I think that I am weird just in general." I lied smoothly.
" Well if you ever need anyone to talk to you know I'm here. That's what I'm for. After all I am your boy friend." He said offering me his help.
" Wait your m boy friend? Hmm I hadn't noticed." i giggled at my joke.
" What do you say we get out of this place and go somewhere more you know our style." he offered. I nodded and got out of my seat.
We ended up at the movies. Typical teenage date. We decided to see a scary movie, but I think that Georgio wanted to see it so that he could get me to snuggle up with him, not that I minded. We bought two tickets to go see Don't be afraid of the dark. People said it was good, but I had to see it for myself.
We sat down closer to the back where almost all the couples sit to make out. As the people began to show up it got louder and louder. Out of all the people in this god damn town we HAD to bump into Gerard and Shauna. God how I hate that Bitch. I saw them first, but they didn't noticed me so I tried to hide, but stupid Shauna saw me and yelled across the room " Bella!" I cursed under my breathe, but forced a smile.
" Hey what are you doing?" Gerard asked as we came closer.
" Actually I am here with Georgio." I stated. I saw Gerard frown slightly for a second, but then
he smiled. But I saw it. I saw it in his eyes. The pain and the jealousy.
" Well why don't you guys join us? It can be like a double date!" Shauna said excitedly, but I could see right through it. She knew I liked Gerard she just wanted to see me in pain. Bitch.
" I really don't thi-"
" Yeah we'll do it!" Georgio said from behind me.
" Sure why not." I forced another smile. We took our seats and the movie started shortly after. Fifteen minutes into the movie Gerard and Shauna started making out. I made a face of disgust and then turned to Georgio and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He smiled and returned the favor. Thirty minutes late Shauna was basically giving Gerard a lap dance. I seriously felt like I was gonna be sick so I decided to go the bathroom.
I ran into the bathroom and dropped onto my knees in front of the toilet and spilled out everything I had eaten. After I finsihed doing my business I rinsed my mouth with water and then took out my phone and called Frank. Ring. Ring. Ring.
" Hello?" answered the voice of my bestie.
" Frank I need a huge favor." I said.
" What is it? And let me guess it has something to do with being at the movies with Gerard and Shauna?" He guessed.
" How did you know?!" I asked.
" Gerard." He simply stated.
" Oh. Well I need you to call me and pretend your my mom and tell me I have to leave, because I can't take it anymore. If I wait any longer Gerard and Shauna will probably end up having sex." I begged.
" Fine." He said and the hunged up. I walked out of the bathroom and sat back down into my seat next to Georgio. Thankfully Gerard and Shauna stopped grinding on each other and were watching the movie." I quickly texted Frank ' Now.' before I sat down. Shortly after sure enough my phone rang. I whispered to Georgio.
" I have to take it. It's my mom." He nodded and I walked outside the doors.
" Did it work?" Frank asked on the other end of the line.
" Sure did." I assured him.
" Good. "
" Okay I am going to go back and fore fill the rest of the plan." I said.
" Okay, but you owe me!" He said.
" Yeah, yeah." I replied before I hung up. I walked back for the last time and explained to Georgio what had happened. And then left. I don't know what I was going to do because quite frankly I don't think I can take this any longer. If Gerard could make me throw up what else could he do? I don't think I want to know.
Any good? Should I keep going? REviews would be appreciated
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