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A Chemical Romance

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A Collab with SarahKilljoyKid. I wasn’t sure whose stupid idea it was to join two schools together and make one big ‘super school’.

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So the deal is, we're taking it in turns to write chapters. I wrote this and Sarah will write the next. We have no plan for this, only to surprise eachother and you. We would greatly appreciate rates and reviews.
Thankyou :)

I wasn’t sure whose stupid idea it was to join two schools together and make one big ‘super school’. Maybe the headmaster thought it would improve our already plummeting reputation, but I only saw it as a disaster waiting to happen. The east side school was collaborating with our own, which meant double the amount of students. That was the last thing I needed, a second bunch of illiterate idiots to shout ‘EMO’ or ‘FAGGOT’ at me as I walked to class. It could only cause me twice the hell that school already caused me, but obviously, my opinion didn’t matter, I had to go anyway.

I stroked a shining strand of jet black hair out of my face, uncovering my chocolate coloured eyes. It was the first day back from school after an uneventful summer and I stood, my legs shaking at the school gates. ‘One more year’ I told myself, ‘you can do it Gerard; this is your last year.’ I tried to reassure myself that I could survive walking through those gates almost every day for one more year. A tingling shudder shot down my spine as memories of the abuse from last year flooded my already terrified brain. I shook my head, trying to erase them as quickly as possible.

My attention turned to my uniform. My deep red tie stood out against my crisp white shirt, which was covered by a black blazer. My shiny, leather boots weren’t really doing my any favours with my ‘emo’ reputation. “Fuck it.” I whispered to myself as I took a few shaky steps through the gate. How bad could one more year really be? Maybe people had matured over the summer; maybe they’d accept me now. The bell rang for a few seconds, leaving a piercing ringing in my ears for about a minute after as I paced the yard, looking down at the floor. “Hey, it’s that emo fag!” I heard somebody shout, I quickened my pace. “Oh my god! I’d forgotten about that guy!” Another student shouted. They both sniggered; obviously nobody had matured over the summer. I felt my heart sink as I swung open the double doors and entered the haunting building.

I tried to keep my eyes fixed to the grey, tiled floor, but it was hard to see where I was going. As I looked around the corridors I noticed a lot of un-familiar faces. They all stared at me, some poking and nudging each other as I walked past. I had expected this, considering the way I look. My jet black hair flew wildly around my ghostly, pale face. I wore slight, black smudged eyeliner around my eyes and it was rare for anybody to see me smile. I didn’t blame people for bullying me. I guess my appearance reflected the way I felt about my life. Everything was dark, lonely, and empty. I didn’t have friends and I wasn’t the brightest kid. Sometimes I wondered what the point in me even being alive was. The only thing that gets me through each day was my hope that someday, something big would happen for me. I hoped that someday I would break out of my shell and my life would be amazing, and maybe if I was lucky, I’d have somebody to share it with.

I tried to block out the whispered accusations of ‘emo’ that flew back and forth from the corridors. I knew that it would only be made worse when the new kids found out I was bisexual as well. I guess I’d just have to put up with it, it’s only another year. I shuffled through the towering, blue door to my chemistry class. The few people in the classroom stared up at me, my eyes immediately fixated onto an empty seat in the far corner of the room. I rushed to the lonely seat and swung my Iron Maiden bag onto the desk. I sighed as I saw people hugging and laughing with each other. That talked with each other about how much they’d missed each other during the summer, I sat alone, doodling a guitar on a piece of scrap paper in my chemistry book.

Once the class was full and bustling, the lesson began. The teacher slammed his ruler down onto the desk to silence everybody. It hardly worked as most of the annoying chavs continued sniggering and making stupid noises. I buried my head into my bag, trying to forget I was even back in this hell hole. I heard the crinkle of screwed up paper as three paper balls hit the top of my head. A few quiet giggles escaped from the boys who’d thrown them, I sniffled, trying to hold back tears as a year began to seem like an unbelievably long time. “Umm... This is third set chemistry right?” I heard a timid voice ask.
“Yeah.” The teacher stated bluntly, “Sit down, kid.”
‘Oh great,’ I thought to myself, ‘Another student, just what I needed.’ My heart jumped as I heard quiet footsteps becoming louder. The chair next to be scraped along the floor as it was pulled out and the new student sat down next to me. Nobody ever sat next to me.

It took me a few minutes, but whilst the teacher was droning on about chemical reactions, I raised my head to look at the person next to me. My eyes widened in shock. It was a boy; he looked ‘different’ too. His choppy brown hair was shaved at one side, it swept over his shining hazel eyes, which were surrounded by a thin layer of blood red eyeliner. His lip was pierced on the left side and he tugged on it shyly with his dazzling, white teeth. I glanced down to the desk again as I realised his black and orange shoulder bag. It was the same as mine. I gasped a little too loud, the boy turned to face me. Our eyes met for the first time. I felt some sort of invisible force pulling me to him. His eyes widened as his expression began to mirror my own. We both just stared at each other for a few seconds as we waited for words to emerge from one of us.
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