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Chapter 2.

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Written by SarahKilljoyKid.

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I know that it was only a few moments, but it felt like hours that we sat there, just staring at each other. I then realized how stupid I must look, sitting there with my mouth hanging open like a gasping fish and my eyes widened in shock/wonder. I quickly shut my mouth and tried to say something normal.

“Uh... Hi?” I said, unsure if this gorgeous boy would even want to talk to me.
“Hey, I’m Frank,” he introduced himself with a nervous smile, it was freaking adorable! The way his lips curved up so delicately, it was... hot. Wait! No, I can’t think about him like that! I only just met him! And well... he’s probably not into guys... hell, someone as hot as him most likely has a girlfriend.

“I-I’m G-Gerard,” I stuttered. Shit! He probably thinks I’m a complete idiot!
“Gerard...” he said slowly as if trying out the name, “cool name.”
“Uh-I- uh... thanks,” I said. Fuck! Why can’t I be normal for long enough to get one freaking sentence out?! Say something normal! I thought. “I uh, like your bag.” I’m such an idiot.
“Thanks,” he let out an adorable giggle, “I like yours as well.”
Maybe this year won’t be all that bad....

“Oi Look! Faggot’s found a friend! Who’s this fag? Ya boyfriend?” yelled one of the jocks from the other side of the class as he threw yet another scrunched up piece of paper at us. All of a sudden, everyone was laughing at us. I looked down at my book, trying to drown out their cruel jokes and laughter. I guess I spoke too soon.

“I’m constantly baffled at the intelligence and wit of most teenagers today,” Frank chuckled softly.
“Yep... welcome to Belleville High, home of the illiterate, STD ridden half-wits who feel the in-describable urge to torment anyone even slightly different to themselves,” I sighed, still looking down at my work.
“And now thanks to our dumb-ass principals, there are now twice as many jocks and sluts in one place,” said Frank with a laugh. I let my eyes wander away from my work and back to his face, he was looking at me and smiling, his bright eye’s slightly crinkled in amusement. I smiled back at him, happy to have found someone who shared my view on the degenerate half-wits that the school called ‘students’. I don’t know what it was about Frank, but somehow I felt both comfortable and nervous at the same time around him, and I’d only known him for what...twenty minutes? If that.

“So uh... what do you have next?” he asked.
“The worst subject in the entire freaking world... P.E....” I groaned.
“Uhg, me too. Want to skip with me?” he asked. Wait... was I being asked to skip with someone? Wasn’t that something people did with friends? I wouldn’t know... I’d never really had any friends.
“Uh, yeah, sure,” I replied. Frank’s face lit up with excitement.
“Awesome!” he laughed, “I know this awesome place that no-one will ever catch us.” Oh god, he’s taking me somewhere more private? No! Stop thinking like that you pervert! I mentally scolded myself. Frank was saying something, but I was too distracted being insane and scolding myself to notice what. Shit! What did he just say? I didn’t want it to seem like I wasn’t listening to him so I just smiled and nodded, hoping that was the right answer.
“Okay awesome!” he said happily. Thank god.

The shrill sound of the bell filled my ears as we packed our books back into our bags.
“Time to go,” I said with a smile. He grinned back at me and I felt my breath hitch in my throat. Oh god, I was acting like a 12 year old school girl. Frank grabbed me by the sleeve of my shirt and pulled me out into the parking lot.
“Do you want to take my car?” I asked as we passed it.
“Nope, we’re not taking a car, we’re not going far,” he said with a smile. He kept leading me until we were at the edge of a small copse of trees.
“Teachers look through here all the time! We’re sure to get caught here!” I exclaimed.
“Just wait! It’s not what you think, just follow me,” he laughed as he pulled my into the small forest.

“What are we doing?” I asked once we stopped in front of a large oak tree.
“Climbing,” he said with an adorable grin. He let go of my sleeve and began to quickly climb the large tree.
“I-uh-I” I stammered. My heart racing at the thought of climbing so high.
“Come on Gee!” he yelled from a few branches above me. Gee, I liked it; I’d never had a nick-name before... I’d never had a friend to give me one. I carefully placed my hands on a thick branch and pulled myself up onto it. Branch by branch, I climbed the tree, getting closer to Frank, who was sitting on a higher branch.
“See! Isn’t this an awesome place?” he asked excitedly.
“I-uh- yeah,” I stammered. I looked down. Bad mistake. My head started spinning and my stomach churned. I must have started swaying because Frank shot me a look of alarm as he grabbed me by the shoulders, steadying me.
“Gee!? Are you okay?” he asked.
“Would now be a good time to mention I’m afraid of heights?” I squeaked. Frank giggled.
“Don’t worry Gee! I won’t let you fall,” he said softly as he moved a little closer to me.
Wait... was he leaning in towards me?!
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