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How I Met Gerard Way.

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If you have been reading Friken_Frankies story, can you please read this.

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(Hey guys, sorry about this, my other account died, and i had to creat a new one, i still have the story so i am going to post it now for you all to read :D)

Chapter 1

Frank’s POV

As I walked in the class room, everybody stared at me, the weird emo kid. Never liked, even by my teachers. It’s hard being gay, then when no one likes you for who you are, and not you look like, you think there’s something’s wrong with you. My name is Frank Iero and I feel I will never be able to fit in. The last four schools where hell. My mum said this is the last time we move, anyway there’s only a couple of months left of school, then I never have to listen to anyone again.

‘You must be the new boy, Frank Iero, am I right?’ The teacher came over to me from his desk, I must have zooned out whilst standing in the door way.

‘Err, yeah.’ I said awkwardly as everybody stared at me.

‘Well I’ll have someone take them with you all day, just so you don’t get lost.’ This teacher seemed nice for once, he smiled at me like he knew where I was coming from. ‘Lets see what you have then.’ I passed over my schedule and he nodded, looked up and said to a boy sitting right at the back corner, head down trying not to call attention to him. ‘Gerard would you be so kind enough as to show Mr. Iero here around today?’ The boy with black hair, apparently called ‘Gerard’, looked up. He then stared at me, his eyes going wide.

‘S-sure.’ ‘Gerard’ said and smiled kindly at me. I smiled back when I saw what he was wearing, my smile spreading wider, he was wearing a Misfits hoodie and Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt.
‘You can sit next to him, there Frank.’ The teacher said handing me back my schedule. I went at sat at the back with ‘Gerard’ ignoring everyone staring at me.

‘Hi, I’m Gerard Way, I take it you’re names Frank.’ Gerard smiled whispering low, I hadn’t realised how hot he looked standing at the front of the room. His eyes where a wonderful green/brow colour, his face a pale bone colour, his hair was the complete opposite to his skin.
‘Err, yeah.’ I smiled back, I think im going to like it here. ‘You like the Misfits?’ I asked him pointing to his hoodie.

‘Yeah, I see you like them to.’ Pointing to my t-shirt, grinning his face off. ‘So, maths first, wanna skip?’ And that is how I met Gerard Way.

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