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The Roof? - Chapter 2

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Gerard takes Frank to a special place of his.

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Chapter 2

Gerard’s POV

When he walked in my heart skipped a beat, he was the most beautifulist person in the world. I thought I was going to drop dead he was so good looking, no joke. And when the teacher said I would be showing him round, so he doesn’t get lost, I died again. I don’t think he’s gay though, he probably has a girlfriend from his old school. I stuttered when sir asked me if I would show ‘Frank’ round, I smiled when I saw what he was wearing and looked up at his face again. He smiled back looking down at my clothes and then realised where he was, that and because everyone was staring at him.

I introduced myself and he smiled and said, ‘You like the Misfits?’ he had obviously noticed I was wearing a Misfits t-shirt and grinned.

I replied, ‘Yeah, I see you like them too.’ I looked up in to his beautiful eyes, they were a beautiful green brown colour. His skin ivory and hair black with a curly fringe. ‘So, maths first, wanna skip?’ I grinned when he heard what I said, and grinned back.

‘Where do we go to skip?’ Frank asked after we go out of tutor and down the corridor.

‘We can go to the roof, no one goes up there, well apart from my friends and brother. No one will bother us.’ I said giving me mean look to the stupid chavs staring at us, they just glared at us and went back to what they were doing before.

‘The roof?’ Frank asked looking bewildered up at me, he’s only 5’5ish, I think it’s incredibly cute.

‘Yeah, we found it in our first year, ‘we’ being Ray and I. You’ll meet him later; he has this massive ‘fro, it’s awesome. I grinned at him, he smiled up at me again then looked ahead in front of us where a massive set of stairs where leading up to the next floor. I led the way up them and to the right where there was another set of stairs well hidden away from anyone who didn’t know they were there.

‘How did you find the stairs?’ Frank asked frowning.

‘We were being chased by some chavs, and ended up behind here.’ I shrugged.

‘Cool, well not cool, well you know what I mean.’ He chuckled. His laugh was fucking adorable! It was really high pitched and sounded like a pot heads laugh, I wonder if he does smoke? He doesn’t seem the type to, but looks can be deceiving.

‘Yeah.’ I laughed alone to, and smiled. When we got to the top of the stairs we took a left, then got to a blank black door, I pushed it open and stepped out onto the roof of the school. ‘And this, my dear Frankie, is the school roof.’ I grinned, arms stretched out to my sides, spinning round in a circle, laughing.
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