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Skittles and Gerard's Favourite Subject. - Chapter 3

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Skittles? Gerard takes Frank to his favirote lesson, and they both have surprises for them.

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Frank’s POV

‘Cool, well not cool, well you know what I mean.’ I chuckled my high pitched laugh, some people say I sound like I’ve smoked pot, but I haven’t, I tried it once, but I didn’t like it much, made me cough loads.

‘Yeah.’ Gerard laughed along to, and smiled. When we got to the top of the stairs we took a left, and came to a blank black door, Gerard pushed it open, it opened up to the school roof. ‘And this, my dear Frankie, is the school roof.’ He grinned, arms stretched out to his sides, spinning in a circle, laughing. I smiled at his silliness and laughed along to.

‘So, what ya wanna do?’ I asked Gerard, who had stopped spinning now and was heading over to a bench that was placed at the back of the part of the roof we were currently on.

‘Sit? Talk? Listen to music?’ Gerard asked shrugging at the end.

‘Sure, Misfits?’ I pulled my ipod out of my pocket and started scrolling for something to listen to.

‘Cool.’ Gerard nodded, and pulled out a bag of skittles. When I saw the skittles my face spread into a massive grin, and stared at them, you see I love skittles and they send me loopy, best not tell this to Gerard.

‘Frank! Frank! Dude, you just kind of zoned out then staring at my skittles with a creepy look on you’re face.’ Gerard laughed offering me the skittles bad. I shoved my hand in the bag and grabbed a handful.

‘I just love skittles!’ I tried to say with a mouthful of skittles, it came out as ‘I ust ove ittles!’ Gerard laughed gathering what I had said. I grinned again and shoved more into my mouth.

‘I know what to get for you’re birthday then!’ Gerard laughed, and smiled before eating some skittles himself. ‘When is you’re birthday anyway?’ Gerard asked lifting one of his perfectly shaped eye brows.

‘Halloween, you?’ I asked, looking up at him. His mouth dropped open when I said this.
‘HALLOWEEN?! SERIOUSLY?!’ He asked slightly shouting, also grinning his face off. I nodded smiling back at him. ‘That’s awesome!’ He laughed.

‘It’s been my birthday my whole life, so it’s normal for me.’ I chuckled, Gerard laughed along with me and offered me more skittles, I felt my hyper levels rising. I don’t think Gerard had noticed yet, he will be surprised though, I chuckled under my breath. ‘What lesson do we have next?’ I asked trying not to show my hyperness.

‘Umm, art, my favourite subject.’ Gerard smiled to himself.
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