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Art Class - Chapter 4

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They go to art class, and Frank finds something out about Gerard.

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Gerard’s POV

‘Umm, art, my favourite subject.’ I smiled to myself, the teacher had just set us a new project, it’s to draw something we find beautiful, and someone beautiful just came into my life Frank.
‘Dude? Where are we going, I heard the bell go for next lesson.’ Frank said, looking slightly worried.

‘Why you worried?’ I asked frowning.

‘Just worried coz this is my first lesson, and I’m not too good at art.’ He grimaced, standing up getting ready to go to class.

‘Don’t worry, the teacher will help you, she’s really nice. And apparently im good at art, so I can help you too.’ I said standing up and moving towards the door.

‘Thanks, Gerard.’ Frank said smiling up at me as we made our way down the stairs and towards the art room.

‘Happy to help.’ I smiled at Frank. ‘At the moment where starting a new project, we can draw whatever we think is beautiful.’ I said and walked through the door to the art room, making my way to my seat right in the back, on the right side.

‘Awesome, do you think I should go to the teacher and say im the new boy?’ Frank asked, sitting in the seat next to me.

‘Nah, she’ll come over and see you, she never makes people stand up and say anything about their selves or anything.’ I smiled at him as he sat next to me, in the empty seat.

‘Cool.’ Frank said as the teacher walked in, spotting him straight away, but not coming over yet.

‘Right now class, you know what you’re doing so use whatever you want, but don’t break anything!’ When she had finished with the other students questions, she made her way over to us.

‘So, you must be Frank Iero? Am I right?’ The teacher asked leaning on the desk next to Frank.

‘Yes, ma’am.’ Frank smiled up at her, being polite.

‘Don’t bother with the ma’am, right, I see you’ve made friends with Gerard, has he explained to you what you have to do?’ The teacher asked looking at me, raising an eyebrow.

‘Yeah, I’m still carp at art though.’ Frank laughed, looking down at the table.

‘I’m sure you’re not crap, Gerard thinks the same and he has an amazing talent, he just needs to believe in himself.’ I rolled my eye’s, not believing her. ‘If you need any help come to me, or just ask Gerard, I’m sure he’d be willing to help.’ She smiled at me, knowing me well, she’d been there for me, when I was being bullied for being gay, as where my friends. She walked away going over to one of the chavs with her hand up, she was staring at Frank, when this happened I had a wired feeling in my stomach, I think it was jealousy. Frank and I weren’t even going out! I don’t think he is even gay! But what if in a once in a million chance he was?
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