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You Wanna Meet My Friends? - Chapter 5

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Frank's gonna meet the guys soon

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Franks POV

As the teacher walked away, I saw Gerard giving a someone evils behind me, I turned around to find a girl staring at me, she smiled flirtingly at me and turned around, I frowned not seeing anything attractive about his girl, I was into guy’s not girls. She had orange skin and bleach blonde hair, and a stupidly dark fake tan, everything screamed fake at me. Like I was going to go for a girl like her even if I wasn’t gay. I chuckled.

‘What ya laughing at?’ Gerard asked, turning away from the orange behind me, giving me a small smile.

‘That girl that you were giving evils to, looks like an orange, and even from here I can see her roots. Why would I go for a girl like her? Even if I was straight, she’s completely fake!’ I said a little to loud, some people ignored me, others turned around to look at me.
‘Y-you’re g-gay?’ Gerard stuttered, I went red in the face, realising what I just said. I was not extremely worried that Gerard wouldn’t want to know me, who would want to be friends with a gay anyway?

‘Y-yeah, you don’t m-mind do y-you?’ I asked looking down at the blank piece of paper the teacher had handed me.

‘Why would I? I’m gay too.’ I looked up to see Gerard smiling at me, there was something new in the smile.

‘Really?’ I asked, thinking he may be playing me along.

‘Yeah, I’ve never really like girls, it just took me a while to realise it.’ Gerard said drawing something on the paper I couldn’t quite see.

‘I know what you mean, what you drawing?’ I asked curiosity getting the better of me.

‘Someone I think is very beautiful, its no good though, its all wrong.’ He frowned.

‘Let me see it then.’ I said trying to lean forward to see it, he pulled it back and said.

‘I only like people seeing it when I’m done.’ He grimaced putting it back on the table, where I couldn’t see it.

‘Oh, okay, I don’t know what to draw.’ I said, thinking of something that I thought to be beautiful. I had an idea but, but I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not. I put my hand up to get the teachers attention. She came over and asked what was wrong, I explained to her what my idea was, she said it was a brilliant idea and that I should do it.

‘What you drawing then?’ Gerard asked leaning over toward my table, I hide my drawing against my chest, and poked my tongue out at him.

‘You have to wait to see it.’ I grinned, he rolled his eyes and went back to his drawing. I was drawing Gerard as a cartoon, the teacher said it was a brilliant idea and that I should give it to him a some sort of present.

I hadn’t realised how much time had passed until the bell had gone, Gerard started packing up his things, then stood waiting for me.

‘Brake now, then Pe, then lunch then English then Science. Blurg, I hate Pe.’ He made a silly face and I couldn’t help but laugh, which made him smile and chuckle quietly. ‘You wanna meet the guys now?’ Gerard asked, heading over to the roof again.

‘Sure, I’d love to meet them.’ I smiled.
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