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No Homophobes Here - Chapter 6

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Frank meets the guys, and gets ready to be asked questions.

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Gerard’s POV

‘You wanna meet the guys now?’ I asked, heading over to the roof again.

‘Sure, I’d love to meet them.’ Frank smiled, and followed me up the stairs. ‘They will be okay with me being gay, right? Coz’ I mean, well, I’m guessing there okay with you, coz’ you said there you’re friends.’ Frank said looking slightly uncomfortable.
‘Dude, don’t worry, there perfectly fine with it.’ I smiled at him, as I opened the door I heard screaming from non other than my little brother, Mikey Way, he was running away from Bob, who was chasing him, with an angry look on his face. I rolled my eyes, then turned to Frank and said. ‘And that, my dear Frankenstein, is my little brother Mikey.’ I laughed and went over to sit next to Ray, Frank joining me on my right.

‘Hey, Ray, Frank, Ray Toro, Ray, Frank Iero.’ I introduced Ray and Frank, Frank smiled and waved.

‘Hey, I heard there was a new person starting, at least you have a good taste in music.’ Ray smiled pointing at my t-shirt, I smiled back.

‘I know what you mean, this girl kept staring at me in art, she looked like a friken’ orange!’ I said laughing, both Ray and Gerard joined in.

‘You’re not a homophobe, are you? Coz’ Gerard’s gay, so yeah….’ Ray said looking slightly uncomfortable. Gerard hit him on the arm, and rolled his eyes.

‘It would be very hypocritical of me to be a homo, im gay myself.’ I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

‘Good, coz’ we don’t like homo’s in our friend group, there the one’s that are wrong, not gay people.’ A voice said from behind me, making me jump. I turned to see a big blonde guy, with blue eyes, his nose and mouth pierced, and another under his arm in a head lock, he had dark blonde hair and glasses.

‘I’m Bob by the way, Bob Bryar.’ He said smiling, he stuck his hand out for me to shake, while he was doing this the boy he had in the head lock was struggling. ‘Bob! Get off me! Bob!’ the boy with glasses said, still struggling. Bob rolled his eyes and let go of the other boy, sending him flying to the floor, landing with an ‘oof’. Bob laughed along with, the others, I got up and helped him up, he smiled thanking me. ‘I’m Mikey, by the way, Gerard’s little brother.’ He smiled sticking his hand out again, for me to shake.

‘I’m Frank Iero, Gerard’s friend, we met this morning in tutor.’ I smiled, walking back over to the others. Bob had taken the last seat on the bench, I shrugged and sat on the floor in front of them, Mikey came and joined me.

‘So Frank, question time.’ Gerard said, an evil look in his eye.
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