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I'm Facepalming You Inside Right Now - Chapter 7

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Mikey gets facepalmed.

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Chapter 7
(This is set in the modern day, so there year of birth is wrong, but the date is right.)
Gerard’s POV

‘So Frank, question time.’ I said, grinning evilly at him.

‘Okay….’ He said looking slightly worried.

‘Bron?’ Ray asked looking like he was very intrigued to know more about Frank.

’31 October 1995.’ Frank said smiling slightly at me, I smiled back thinking of a question to ask him.

‘Really?!’ Mikey asked, looking amazed that Frank’s birthday was on Halloween.

‘Yeah.’ Frank laughed at Mikey and went back to looking at me, as it was my turn to ask the next question.

‘Umm, do you play anything?’ I asked, lifting an eyebrow, shrugging also.

‘Yep, I play guitar, I have one, she’s called ‘Pansey’, she’s a white Les Paul.’ Frank said smiling dreamily, like he was imagining her now.

‘Awesome, so do I, Mikey plays Bass, Bob plays Drums, and Gerard sings.’ Ray smiled down at me form his place on the bench.

‘Yeah, but not very well.’ Gerard said, looking down.

‘I’m sure you’re really good, Geetard!’ I said smiling at him, thinking up the new nick name for him, as he called me ‘Frankenstein’.

‘Geetard?’ Mikey asked laughing slightly.

‘Yeah, he called me ‘Frankenstein’, so I call him ‘Geetard’, you can be ‘Mikey Mouse’, Bob can be ‘Bobert’, and Ray can be ‘Ray Ray’. I smiled at them as they looked at me weirdly, then they all started laughing.

‘That. Is. Good!’ Gerard laughed and wiped away the tears that where forming in his eyes from laughing so much.

‘I do my best.’ I smiled, and pulled out a sandwich my mum had made me this morning, my favourite, peanut butter jelly, and I am not going to start singing that song. (Family Guys reference)

‘So, whatcha got in your sandwich?’ Gerard asked, leaning over.
‘Peanut Butter Jelly, my favourite.’ I smiled down at my sandwich, thinking of the first time I had one.

‘I love Peanut Butter Jelly!’ Bob shouted, then sat looked around at the others, who fell on the floor laughing. He grinned then started laughing at the others laughing at him. ‘S’not my fault it came out so loud.’ He muttered.

‘LOL!’ Mikey shouted, and started laughing. Everyone looked at him like he had two heads, he soon stopped laughing. ‘What? He said its not his fault he said it so loud.’ Mikey muttered, and sniggered again.

‘I am facepalming you on the inside right now.’ I said laughing, the others joined in just as the bell went, signalling the end of lunch.
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