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Maybe They Should Take Grammar Lessons - Chapter 8

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Chav gets owned.

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Frank’s POV

-Time Lapse-

‘So, science now, Gerard, don’t blow anything up again like you did last week..’ Ray said rolling his eyes.

‘And what would make you think I would do that again? My dearest Raymond.’ Gerard said, putting on his best English accent, which I must say was really good.

‘Dude, last week you nearly blow the whole science block up, do you really need to ask that?’ Ray said, lifting his eyebrows at him.

‘You nearly blow it up? How?’ I laughed.

‘Just believe what the teacher says, and don’t question him.’ Gerard grimaced.

‘I think I can guess what you did.’ I laughed, walking into the science room.

‘Ahh, you must be Mr. Iero, im you’re science teacher, I see you are already friends with Mr. Way and Mr. Toro here, well just don’t follow in the lines of Mr. Way. You may sit where ever you want, just try and follow on as best as possible.’ The old teacher smiled, and went back to the front of the class.

‘He seems, old.’ I noted out loud, Ray and Gerard laughed and went to sit at the back of the class, I noticed these guys like to stay out of the way the chavs, im quite surprised I haven’t had any horrible remarks for my clothes yet.

‘Ohh, Gay Way ‘nd ‘is drag along Toro, ‘ave a new cling on.’ One of the chavs said, making the others laugh. Ray gave them evils and Gerard just ignored them, I thought this was wrong and decided to do something about it.

‘You’re more of a cling on than Ray or I am.’ I said to his face. He looked shocked that he got a response out of me, but soon recovered.

‘Well lookie ‘ere, looks like we’ve gotta comedian in ‘da house.’ Another one said, he looked as stupid as the other did.

‘That should have been, ‘and’, ‘his’ and ‘have’ also, ‘here’ not ‘ere’ and ‘got’ not ‘gota’ , also in ‘THE’ house.’ I corrected them and followed Ray and Gerard to the back of the class. When I looked back at the chavs they there shocked again.

‘Wow, thanks man!’ Ray said. ‘No ones ever stood up to them like that before.’ Ray smiled.
‘Yeah, thanks Frankie.’ Gerard smiled.

‘Not a problem, they need to have grammar lessons, that’s all.’ I smiled, glad that I had stuck up for myself for once.

‘Ha ha, good one.’ Gerard said and they both laughed.

‘Glad I could have been of assistance.’ I smiled and looked back to the front of the class where the teacher had started talking already.

(I’m sorry the chapter’s are so short, its just that im writing them on a word document, then posting them on here, so im writing about a page each time, then by the time I put them on here there really short. Any way I hope you’re enjoying the story so far, there will be frerard eventually, and maybe something else.)
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