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Coffee and Little Big Planet 2. - Chapter 9

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Coffee and Little Big Planet? Whats gonna heappen? dun dun dun :D

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Gerard’s POV

‘Glad to be of assistance.’ Frank smiled, his wonderful smile, my heart melted when he did this, and he told us he was gay! Maybe I will have a chance with him after all. I smiled slightly and went into a day dream, by the time I came out of it, it was the end of the lesson. Time to go meet the others and go home, or maybe to the park.

‘Hey, Frank you wanna hang out?’ I asked hopeful.

‘Sure, id love to.’ He smiled his heart melting smile again and continued packing his things up.

-Another Time Lapse-

‘So what do you want to do?’ I asked Frank, as he was the newest of the gang.

‘I honestly don’t mind.’ Frank smiled up at me, his beautiful smile sent me into a day dream. In the day dream we were in a meadow of flowers, skipping through the knee length light green grass and flowers. Once we got to the middle of the field we came together and where about to kiss-
‘Gerard! Helloo?! Gerard!’ Frank said waving a hand in front of my face, I blinked a couple of times and came back out of the day dream to Frank jumping up and down in front of me.

‘Wha-? What?’ I asked bewildered as to why he was jumping up and down.

‘You went off in to a complete day dream.’ Frank laughed smiling his beautiful smile.

I frowned. ‘Oh, any way what would you like to do?’ I asked again, realising we were still standing in the hallway, Mikey and Ray must have gone in already.

‘Like I said before, I really don’t mind.’ Frank smiled up at me again, making my stomach do back flips.

‘PS3?’ I asked, smiling down at him, he smiled even more, following me into the living room where the over two where already where. I rolled my eyes as Mikey killed zombie after zombie, shouting ‘DIE! DIE! DIE!’ each time he did. Frank laughed and went to sit on the floor between Ray and Mikey’s feet. I walked out into the kitchen and started the coffee pot, shouting back to the others if they wanted any.

‘PLEASE!’ Frank said coming through the kitchen door.

‘You know me, Gee!’ Mikey replied to my question.

‘Sure, thing.’ Rays still staring at the tv screen. I started to pull the things that I needed out of the cupboard, the things that I needed to make coffee.

‘Do you need any help?’ Frank asked from the door way, behind me.

‘Sure, could you get the milk from the fridge and the sugar which is over there.’ I pointed toward the sugar pot. ‘Could you also get the, Batman mug, the Cupcake one and the Unicorn one, please? Oh and you can have whatever cup you want.’ And of course he chose the cup with skittles on it.

‘Happy to help.’ Frank smiled walking over to the fridge. ‘Do you need anything else?’ he asked setting everything next to me.

‘Nope, that’s everything.’ I smiled at him. ‘Thanks.’ In return he smiled.

Frank walked out of the room carrying his cup and Ray’s, Ray and Mikey nodded there thanks, then went back to the game they were playing, Little Big Planet 2.

‘You wanna play Frank?’ Mikey asked looking in his direction shaking the controller.

‘Sure.’ Frank smiled grabbing the controller, and re-setting Mikey’s character.

‘Umm, Gerard? Will you come help me with something?’ Mikey asked, sounding slightly nervous. I agreed and followed him into the kitchen.

‘So, what’s up Mikes?’ I asked having no clue as to why he wanted to talk to me.

‘Umm, do you, umm…DOYOULIKEFRANK?!’ Mikey said in one big rush. ‘It’s just that if you do, I don’t want you to get hurt again, Gee.’ Mikey said looking at his shoes again.

‘Y-yeah, I guess I do.’ I shrugged, not knowing what to say to him, he gets really worried about me because of my last boyfriend, Sam. Sam broke my heart, he said he loved me, then one day I found him sleeping with a girl, A GIRL?! He said he was gay! What kind of gay person sleeps with a girl?

‘I’m going to speak to him, ask him if he likes you back, then if he does which I have a feeling he does, ill tell him not to hurt you, and if he does his face wont be looking like that any longer.’ Mikey said, grinning at me. I rolled my eyes, and pulled Mikey into a tight hug, him doing the same to me. I walked back into the living room, Mikey following me.

(Sorry i didn't update again last night, i forgot what i was doing and got distracted on sims. :L Frankie xx)
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