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Empty Libraries

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"Made any friends?"

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The thing I hate the most about therapist offices is their need to always try and look homey. They think if they just magically put in a couch and fake fireplace with stuffed animals that everyone will be happy. That everything will be okay and get better. It's just ridiculous. This was one of the worst ones I had been in. Wooden chairs with cushions lined the waiting room, a small fireplace against one of the walls. It was fake, just an animation. But I stayed in front of it anyway, staring at the fake flames.
I was eventually called in, going into the office that tried to look like a colorful living room. The doctor sat in a spinning chair as I sat on the pink couch across from him. I chewed on my bottom lip, waiting for him to start talking.
"So how's your new school?" His voice made him sound younger than he looked, and you honestly wouldn't think it belonged to him. He looked as if he was in his fifties, his head bald, wrinkles covering his face while fat made folds with the position he was sitting in. And yet he sounded like he was twenty.
"Fine." I looked over at the desk, staring at the computer's screen-saver.
"Made any friends?" I rambled off a few names, and continued to answer the mundane questions that he kept firing at me. Eventually the hour was over, and he said that I was having a good time adjusting to all of the changes. And yet he made me schedule an appointment every week for the rest of the month. Not that it mattered. I had plans for the night. I had told the mother of the house that I was spending the night at a friends house, granted I was lying through my teeth.
Instead I walked out into the warm fall air that was only found in the desert, going outside of the therapist's office, the sun having set while I was in the session. I went to a nearby library, deciding that I could do my homework before going through with my big plans for the night. It was almost completely empty, only a few people scattered through the mess of bookshelves and computers.
I wandered around for a few minutes, finding a corner in the back that was completely empty. It had a table, four chairs surrounding it. I put my bag down on the table, pulling out the things I had to do. I watched the clock as I worked on it, waiting to leave until I had to. With a sigh I put everything back in my bag, walking into the washroom of the library. Using the clothing I had stashed in my bag earlier that day I quickly changed into something that covered less skin. I slipped out of the library, going into the warm night air.
The streets were almost completely clear, only a few people walking around on them. And yet, I still couldn't mange to get the sick feeling I had in my stomach to go away. I hated doing this. I went into the city, leaning against a wall as I waited on a street corner. About a hundred bucks and one black eye later I heard my name being yelled from the street corner.
I turned to face a furious Spencer, hanging halfway out of a car window. I could tell that Jon was driving, and that there was another passenger in the back of the car, but I was far to worried about Spencer to care about the others. I bit my bottom lip, having a hard time deciding what to do. On one hand; I could run for it. On the other; I could stay and possibly get yelled at by the closest thing to a friend I had.
He sighed, and then talked. "Brendon, just come here and let me talk to you for a minute." I closed my eyes, remembering my real family, and all the friends I never had. The thought that they would end up just like my family and leave me all alone in the world crossed my mind, and when that thought hit me, I decided. I walked over to the car, allowing my face to fall so I was eye level with him, just close enough for him to smell all of the musk that had rubbed off on me.
"Brendon, what are you doing out at this time of night?" I gave a bitter laugh.
"Wouldn't you like to know?" I glanced at Jon, noticing him staring at the road as he gripped the steering wheel tight enough to turn his knuckles white.
"Get in the car." Spencer tried to sound demanding, but to my ears it sounded closer to a desperate plea.
"It'll cost you. Let's see, three for one night? A hundred fifty each." A look of horror crossed his face, mixing with disgust.
"Brendon, I'm not paying you." I reached my hand in, brushing stray strands of hair from his cheek as I talked.
"Ah, come on doll. I'm a lot of fun."
"Brendon! Get in the damn car." Jon was glaring at me, his voice loud and demanding. I looked down, retracting my hand from Spencer's warm cheek. I got in the back, not looking at the other person that was sitting there. With a shaky sigh I pulled my legs up to my chest, resting my head on my knees. A hand gently wrapped itself around one of my hands and I turned to look at the person sitting next to me.
My heart dropped, and my breathing stopped as I stared at him, his face turned from mine so he could watch the world rush by. I felt sick. Just thinking he had seen me act the way I had killed me a little inside. He looked so peaceful, like he was in his own little world. His honey eyes scanning the streets that we rushed by. His chestnut hair falling in his face just slightly. The way his porcelain skin reflected the city lights.
In his own world right next to my own.


It's so short! I'm sorry....I'll make up for it next chapter. (Don't I always say that?) Oh wellllll. Hope you liked it, know a lot of you have been waiting for it.

PartyPoison:This story is so angsty. It's like, it get's better for five seconds, and then it get's ten times worse. What can I say? I like putting Brendon through hell.
You must alert the dictionary people! They have to know about it.

CypherDetonation:Isn't he cute? I have to say, even I love him. (And I hate kids)

AnotherKnifeInMyHand:Did this one shock you? Is it another twist you weren't expecting? If you answered no, then just wait for the next chapter. If yes, then be prepared for the next chapter.
Brendon's gonna find out some stuff that--well, you'll see.

LePanicFan:Only if it's just in a story, when it get's outside of movies and books then you should probably call a doctor. Anywho, glad you like it.

-xoxo Pansy.
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