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Dark Closets And Snuggling up. - Chapter 10

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Frank admits his feelings to Mikey, when he ask's him about them, as does Gerard.

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Frank’s POV

‘Err, Frank, can I, err, speak to you know?’ Mikey asked, walking out behind Gerard from the kitchen. He sounded slightly nervous, I frowned wondering what he could be nervous about.
‘Sure, hang on.’ I smiled at Gerard, handing him the controller.

I followed Mikey out into the kitchen, and he shut the door behind me, I frowned, thinking what could be so important.

‘So, err, Frank? DOYOULIKEMYBROTHER?!’ Mikey said it all coming out in a big rush, I still managed to figure out what he had said. I nodded slowly, not quite knowing what to say. Mikey smiled when he saw me nodding, then pulled me into a tight hug. I patted his back awkwardly. ‘He really like you too, just don’t hurt him, his last boyfriend did, and im going to let him tell you about that, its not my story to tell. Just if you do hurt him, I will be after you.’ Mikey smiled pulling away from the hug.

‘I promise I won’t, I’d never hurt him, I really do like him.’ I smiled, as I looked into the living room, Gerard mouthed, ‘Come with me.’ I followed him up the stairs where he opened a door leading me inside, it turns out this room was a closet.

‘Err, you do realise this is a closet right?’ I asked Gerard , bewildered, squinting in the dim light.

‘Yeah, I wanted to ask you something, and I figured no one would know we were in here.’ I could just make out Gerard’s wonderful smile.

‘Okay then, ask away.’ I smiled back up at him.

‘I, umm, really like you Frank, and I was wondering if-‘ I cut him off by pressing my lips against his. He seemed shocked at first, then got into it, kissing me back. Our lips moving in synchronisation, his tongue rubbing up against my lip ring, my arms going up his chest and round his neck, while his went, one onto my hip the other onto my waste, pulling me closer to him. His tongue flicking against my lip ring, making me moan. His tongue had just started to enter my mouth, when the closet door opened, to Mikey standing there, smirking. We broke apart, jumping back little, only to crash against the closet walls. As we stepped out of the cupboard, Gerard grabbing my hand.

‘I see you two finally came out the closet.’ Mikey said sniggering, Gerard and I both rolled our eyes at the same time, at him. ‘I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!’ Mikey screamed pulling us both into a double hug. I laughed, not having felt this good in ages. Gerard squeezing me hand, pulling me down the stairs with him, making me sit on his lap. I snuggled into his neck, breathing in his scent, mainly coffee.

‘I see you two have finally got together.’ Ray smiled not looking up from the game he was playing.

‘Dude, we’ve known each other hours, not years.’ Gerard laughed, making my head move up and down as I was resting it on his neck.

‘Yeah, but it was obvious you like each other when you walked out onto the roof, this afternoon.’ Mikey chuckled.

‘Where’s Bob?’ I asked, only now realising he was not here.

‘He had to go home straight from school.’ Ray said, again not looking up from the tv screen. ‘He had some family stuff, or something.’ He shrugged.

‘Oh, cool. Just wondering.’ I re-snuggled into Gerard’s neck. I swear I heard Mikey sigh, but I wasn’t quite sure, as the tv was on.
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