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Lol. - Chapter 11

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Franks been invited to stay for dinner at the Ways house.

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Gerard’s POV

‘I should be getting home.’ Frank sighed, still tucked under my chin, his breath against my neck.

‘No.’ I said childishly, pulling him closer to me. He giggled, turned around and kissed my hard on the lips. I kissed him back, moaning into it. My tongue rubbing up against his lip ring. I broke away, running out of oxygen. ‘No.’ I said smiling, knowing he was going to object again. ‘You wanna stay for dinner? I’m sure my mum wont mind.’

‘Umm, she wont mind making food for a veggie, would she?’ he grimaced.
‘You’re a veggie?’ I asked, bewildered.

‘Yeah, I didn’t tell you?’ He asked, frowning.

‘Nope.’ I laughed at his expression. ‘I’m sure she won’t mind.’ I said, kissing his forehead.
‘Can I ring my mum, and tell her I’m staying for dinner? I have no credit.’ He said smiling up at me.

‘Sure, let me get the phone.’ I said, as he slipped of my lap, onto the sofa.

‘My bum’s cold now.’ I laughed, as he screwed up his face, handing him the phone. ‘Thanks, can I sit on your lap ‘gain, I was comfortable.’ I laughed again at his expression.

‘Sure, you can.’ I said pulling him onto my lap, wrapping my arms round his waist.

‘Hey, ma… Yeah… Yeah…Sure…. Can I stay over at a friends for dinner?’ Frank asked, lying his head against my chest, under my chin, I pulled him tighter to me. ‘Thanks, ma. Love you too. Bye. She said I could stay.’ I could feel his grin against my neck.

‘Yay!’ I cheered, grinning again, I don’t think I’ve grinned this much since my last birthday. I felt him kissing up my neck, getting closer and closer to my mouth, only to divert and go back now my neck again. ‘Meanie.’ I whispered. He chuckled, kissing up my neck again, finally getting to my mouth, I kissed him back hard, then pulled away as my bed room door opened.

‘Gee! Dinner!’ Mikey called down the stairs, because my bed room was in the basement.

‘Coming!’ I shouted back up to him.

‘Lol, coming.’ Frank laughed, his funny little fucked up laugh.

‘Come one.’ I laughed, trying to stand up with him still perched on my lap.
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