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Dinner At The Way's House - Chapter 12

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Frank stays for dinner at the ways, Gerard gets tomato sauce on his nose and there is lots of eye rolling.

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Frank’s POV

‘Coming!’ Gerard shouted back up to Mikey, as we were in Gerard’s basement bedroom.
‘Lol, coming.’ I laughed, perched on Gerard’s lap.

‘Come on.’ He laughed trying to stand up with me on his lap, I stood up, pulling him along and up stairs.

‘I’m coming, I’m coming.’ Gerard said trying not to trip up the stairs.

‘Will you’re mum like me?’ I asked suddenly slightly nervous.

‘She’ll love you, what’s not to love about you?’ he asked smiling his beautiful smile, causing my face to form into a big smile. ‘Come on.’ He said pulling me into the dining room.

‘Mum, this is Frank, Frankie this is my mum, obviously.’ He laughed.

‘It’s nice to meet you, Mrs Way.’ I smiled shaking her out stretched hand.

‘It’s nice to meet you to, Frank, and please, call me Donna.’ She smile, chuckling softly, sounding a lot like Gerard when she did so. Gerard sat down, patting the seat next to him for me to sit on, I sat down, looking at the food in front of me. Pasta and tomato sauce, one of my favourites, yum.

‘This looks lovely, Donna.’ I smiled looking up from my plate.

‘Thank you, Frank, I wish my boys were as polite as you are.’ She smiled, Gerard and Mikey doing identical eye rolls. I laughed, smiling more today, than I have in a long time.

-Time Lapse-

I looked over at Gerard who had tomato sauce on his nose, I laughed pointing it out. Mikey laughed to when he saw it and throw a bit of pasta at him. Gerard ducked and failed to dodge it, it landing on top of his head, Mikey, Donna and myself laughed, Gerard scowling, then laughing along to.

‘Thank you for dinner, Donna.’ I smiled standing up taking the dinner plates out, putting them into the sink.

‘That’s okay, Frank, don’t worry about doing that.’ She smiled, pointing at the washing up in the sink.

‘That’s, okay I don’t mind.’ I smiled.

‘You have no option in the matter, you are not doing it.’ Donna laughed, pushing me out of the room, into the living room, where Gerard and Mikey where fighting over what video game to play. They looked up when we came in, laughing.

‘You tried doing the washing up didn’t you?’ Mikey laughed, I nodded, grinning.
‘Stupid idea.’ Gerard laughed, pulling me back with him to sit on the sofa, I snuggled into his side, his arm going round me waist.

‘Please don’t go all sloppy on me.’ Mikey grimaced, I laughed snuggling into Gerard more.
‘Ewwww!’ Mikey said jokingly, Donna walked in then and hit Mikey over the head. Gerard and I laughed, knowing he was joking. ‘I was joking around!’ Mikey said in defence. Gerard and I laughed.

‘Was he?’ Donna asked, not believing her youngest son, I nodded, still laughing.
‘See.’ Mikey said poking his tongue out at Donna, I laughed again, Gerard joining in.
‘I better get going home soon.’ I said sadly.

‘Well you’re not walking home alone at this time of night.’ Donna asked.

‘Thank you, Donna.’ I smiled up at her from my position next to Gerard on the sofa.

‘That’s fine, I don’t want you getting hurt.’ She smiled kindly, going off back into the kitchen.

‘So, what game do you wanna play?’ Mikey asked, waving a hand in front of all the games they have.

‘Don’t mind.’ Gerard said playing with my hand.

‘LITTLE BIG PLANET!’ I shouted, grinning my face off, making the two brothers jump. They both laughed, Mikey putting the disc in at the same time.

‘What? I like Little Big Planet, got a problem with that?’ I asked in mock defence, then laughed.
‘No.’ Gerard pecked my lips. ‘I don’t.’ He smiled.

‘Can we please stop with the lovey dovey stuff, and play the game now.’ Mikey rolled his eyes, throwing us the two spare controllers.
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