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Science Class And Chemicals - Chapter 13

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Gerard and Frank have science where there working with chemicals, Frank gets ill from drinking something he shouldn't.

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Gerard’s POV

‘I’ll meet you at the school gates tomorrow, Frankie.’ I smile at Frank, as he gets out of the car, I follow him up to the front door. I look to see if my mum’s looking, then lean down and kiss Frank quickly on the lips. He smiles up at me, then opens the door.

‘Okay, night Gee.’ He smiles, before closing the door, once he has, I get back in the car and my mum drive off.’

‘So, you really like Frank, Gee?’ My mum askes concentrating on the road.

‘Yeah, you’re not going to go into the ‘sex ed’ convocation are you?’ I said groaning.

‘No, I did that last time.’ My mum laughs, then concentrates on the road again. ‘I just don’t want you getting hurt again.’ Mum sighed.

‘I know, I know, Mikey’s already talked to him, before we started going out.’ I smiled, I love my brother, he’s the best, caring brother in the world, I couldn’t wish for a better one.

-Time Lapse-

I saw Frank standing at the gate, his back facing me. I smirked at Mikey, went up behind Frank, put my hands round his waist and said ‘BOO!’. Frank jumped, then giggled turning round in my arms to kiss me on the lips, quickly.

‘Hey.’ I smiled grabbing his hand, pulling him after Mikey, who had gone off to meet Ray and Bob.

‘Hey.’ Frank smiled back up at me. ‘Where we going?’ He asked, frowning slightly.
‘To meet Bob and Ray.’ I laughed pulling him into my side.

‘FAG’S!’ Some chav shouted as we walked past, I just ignored them, Frank put his middle finger up at them, causing us to get food thrown at us.

‘Stupid, madre stronzo’s.’ I said under my breath, Frank only able to hear me, he looked up at me in confusion. ‘Mother fuckers.’ I smiled.

‘And what language what that be in?’ Frank asked, smirking slightly.
‘Italian.’ I smiled, leaning down to kiss him.

‘Awesome.’ Frank smiled, slightly breathless from the kiss.

‘Come on, the other’s should be over here somewhere.’ I said pulling him over to the front of the school where we usually meet.

‘Hey, guys.’ Bob smiled. ‘Congratulations, on realising you two liked each other.’ Bob laughed.
‘Dude, we met yesterday.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘Yeah, but it was obvious you liked each other as soon as you came out onto the roof.’ Ray said, laughing along with Bob.

‘Come on, we’ve gotta go before were late for class.’ Mikey said, pulling Bob towards their home room. ‘See you guys later!’ He said waving over his shoulder.

‘Bye.’ I laughed, pulling Frank towards our own home room.

‘What lesson have we got today?’ Frank asked trying to doge all the people, in the busy corridor.

‘Err, Science, Pe, Maths, English and General Studies.’ None of my favourite lessons, General Studies, isn’t to bad though.

‘Yay! Pe!’ Frank said sarcastically, making me laugh.

‘Come on.’ I said pulling him into the class room of our home room.

-Time Lapse-

‘So, today we will be working with chemicals, so go get protective glasses from the back of the room.’ The teacher instructed us from the front of the class room.

‘I’ll get them.’ Frank said before I could get off my chair. I watched him as he walked away, I swear he was swinging his hips. As he came back, he smirked at me. Yeah, he was swinging his hips. I laughed, shaking my head, smiling.

‘What?’ he asked, acting innocently.

‘You.’ I laughed, shaking my head, making him grin, his beautiful grin.

‘Mr Way, please don’t make the chemicals explode, again, like you did last time.’ The teacher said, with completely serious look on his face. Him saying this made me blush, in embarrassment.

I looked over at Frank, he had his hand over his mouth, trying hard not to laugh. I gave him evils, turning back to the teacher and saying.

‘I didn’t do it on purpose.’ I frowned.

‘Yes, but don’t do it again, Mr Way.’ The teacher said before walking off, Frank burst into a giggle fit, which made me laugh.

‘You blow up some chemicals?’ Frank laughed.

‘Yeah, and im not going to do it again, I burnt my eye brows off.’ I said, which made Frank laugh more. ‘It wasn’t funny!’ I said, maybe a bit too loud. Making Frank giggle more, which made more people look at us. I sunk down in my seat, Frank still giggling next to me.

‘Mr Iero, would you care to tell us all what is so funny, if not, please, shut up.’ The teacher said simply, making the rest of the class laugh, Frank shut up after this, frowning when he saw me smirking.

-Time Lapse-

‘Mr Iero, why did you drink the chemicals?’ The nurse said, frowning as Frank turned even greener in the face.

‘I thought it would be a good idea.’ He smiled, his face then dropping when he was sick in the bucket again.

‘Well, I have no idea in what I am doing, so if you are still ill by tomorrow, I suggest you go to the hospital.’ The nurse, shook her head, handing him another empty bucket while she cleaned out the other one. ‘Mr Way, please stay with him until I call his parent.’ The nurse said, walking out before I could reply.

‘You know, you really are a silly sometimes.’ I shook my head, smirking as he gave me evils again. ‘Don’t worry, you won’t have anything else to throw up soon.’ I smiled at him, rubbing his back gently.

‘Thanks, makes me feel, oh so much better.’ Frank said, before throwing up again, in the bucket.
‘Right, Mr Iero, no one answered, so you’re wither going to have to stay here, or get Mr Way’s parents to take you home with him, as long as you have some parental supervision.’ The nurse said sternly, taking the bucket away from Frank and giving him the empty one.

‘He can come home with me.’ I said, still rubbing Frank’s back.

‘Well, I’ll go ring you’re mother Mr Way, you two stay here.’ She said, before exiting the room again and going in to her office.

‘Don’t worry, you can stay with me, ‘till you’re mum gets back from work.’ I said smiling down at him.

‘Thanks, Gee.’ Frank said, smiling up at me before putting his face in the bucket again. The nurse came back into the room. ‘You’re mother will be here in about ten minutes, Mr Way.’ The nurse said, looking through the draws, trying to find something. ‘Here.’ The nurse said, handing me a sick bag for Frank.

‘Err, thanks.’ I said, rubbing Frank’s back still.
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