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T-shirt Back-To-Font - Chapter 14

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Frank gets woken up by Gerard and Mikey, and Mikey's gets freaked out.

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Frank’s POV

My inside’s felt like they were on fire, burning me from the inside out. Then when I throw up, my throat burned too, making me feel even worse, and the after taste was horrible, why did I think it was a good idea to drink a load of chemicals I don’t even know the names of. Gerard kept rubbing my back all the way to the car, all the way in the car to his house and into his house, and still when we sat on the sofa.

‘Why did I have to drink them?’ I said, taking a sip of the water, Donna had given me.

‘Coz you’re a silly.’ Gerard said again, still rubbing my back, I had nothing in my stomach now, only water.

‘Think its all gone, only water.’ I said lifting my head from the bucket.

‘Good, you feeling up for some video gaming?’ Gerard asked, standing up, pulling me up with him.
‘Sure.’ I said. Following him into the living room, I sat on the sofa, while he put my favorite game on, Little Big Planet.

‘Yay!’ I said, smiling at him, from my seat on the sofa.

‘Knew that would make you happy.’ Gerard smiled, handing me the controller.

-Time Lapse-

‘Thank you for looking after him, Donna.’ My mum thanked Donna, smiling at her.

‘Oh, don’t worry about it, just glad he’s going to be okay.’ My mum and Donna were already like best friends, they also knew about Gerard and myself and where happy for us.

‘Ill see you tomorrow, Gee.’ I smiled up at him, kissing him on the cheek.

‘Yeah, see you, Frankie.’ Gerard smiled, waving from the door step of his house, while me and my mum got into the car.

‘He seems really nice, Frank.’ My mum smiled at me, from her seat, concentrating on the road.
‘He is.’ I smiled falling asleep in the car, my head resting against the window. The next thing I know, im being shaken awake by my mum and where home.

‘Frankie, were home now, I’d carry you in, but you’re a bit too big for me to do that anymore.’ My mum laughed, locking the car behind me. I went straight to bed, tired enough to go to sleep straight away, in my clothes.

-Time Lapse-

I was woken up by a loud beeping noise, realising it was my alarm clock. I smacked my hand on it, trying to shut it off. it wouldn’t so I throw it at the wall, braking it in the process.

‘FRANKIE! GET UP!’ I voice I recognised as to be Mikey’s, just before I felt weight on my back. I groaned.

‘I would but you’re on my back.’ I complained into my pillow.

‘Come on Mikes, get off him.’ Gerard laughed, pulling Mikey off of me.

‘Thank you.’ I mouthed getting up, only to realise I was still in my clothes from yesterday.
‘Dude, you do realise you’re in the clothes you were wearing yesterday, right?’ Bob asked, leaning up against the door frame.

‘Yuup.’ I laughed going into my closet. ‘And Mikey, don’t make any remark ‘bout me coming out of my closet.’ I said, before returning to my bed room. Mikey stood there with his mouth open, then shut it and glared at me, making me laugh.

‘It’s good to see you’re feeling better, Frankie.’ Gerard, said coming up behind me, his arm rapping round my waist, kissing my neck.

‘Yuup.’ I said, turning around in his arms to kiss him on the lips.

‘Means I can kiss you again.’ Gerard said, leaning down and kissing me again, I smiled.

‘Still, we don’t need to see it.’ Mikey said, covering his eyes, grimacing.

‘You sure ‘bout that?’ I said, trying not to laugh, leaning up to kiss Gerard passionately.

‘YES! YES, I’M SURE!’ Mikey screamed, running out of the room, with his hands over his eyes.

This made Gerard and me laugh, falling on the floor, clutching our sides. ‘Is.. Is it safe to come back in now?’ Mikey asked, coming back into the room, still with his hands over his eyes.

‘Yes.’ I laughed, grabbing Gerard’s hand; he had offered me to help me get up. He took his hand from covering his eyes, and then glared at Gerard and myself, from where we were sitting on the bed.

‘I’ll get my revenge.’ Mikey glared, trying to look threatening.

‘Dude, you really are not threatening.’ Gerard chuckled his baby like laugh.

‘Yeah,’ I said standing up and walking over to him. ‘look at these arms, there only useful for blowing toasters up.’ I started feeling his arm up, I was trying to freak him out, I think it was working, he was looking really uncomfortable.

‘Yeah, yeah, you can stop feeling me up now.’ Mikey said, moving away from me. ‘You wanna feel someone up, you have my brother for that.’ I started moving over to Gerard. ‘BUT NOT WITH ME IN THE ROOM!’ Mikey said, his hands going up to cover his eyes again.

‘You really think I’d do that with you in the room? No offence Mikey, but that’s just mean.’ I said, frowning.

‘As much as I like what you were wearing yesterday, can you go get changed, so where not late.’ Gerard said, smiling from his place on my bed. I rolled my eyes, making my way to the bathroom.

I got dressed as quick as I could, then realised I had my t-shirt on back-to-front.

‘Come on Frankie!’ Gerard said, knocking on the door.

‘Hang on, I put my t-shirt on the wrong way!’ I said, laughing a little.

‘Well wait for you down stairs then.’ Gerard laughed, the sound of his foot steps moving away and down the stairs.

(Sorry i haven't updated in a few days, I got busy doing homework, or wasent in the mood, but i've finished the home work and currently writing the next chapter. :DD)
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