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Skittle Fight! - Chapter 15

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Skittle fight, and Bob and Mikey are staring at each other..

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Frank’s POV

‘Ouch!’ I said falling down the stairs, landing on my butt, and the bottom.

‘What did you do?’ Gerard said, coming to the bottom of the stairs looking down at me, smirking.

‘Fell down the stairs.’ I grinned, using the hand he offered me to get up.

‘Trust you, come one, Mikey’s making breakfast. Which in my experience, is not the best thing.’ Gerard said, grimacing.

‘Oi! I heard that!.’ Mikey’s muffled voice came from the kitchen, making me laugh.

‘What did he do?’ I asked, still smiling from Mikey’s response.

‘He blow up the toaster.’ Gerard said, chuckling slightly. ‘By shoving a knife in it.’
‘I didn’t blow it up, I simply put the knife in it, trying to get my toast out, ‘coz it was stuck, next thing I know BOOM! It blow up, in my face.’ Mikey said, using hand gestures to show the boom.

‘WHILST IT WAS PULGGED IN!’ Gerard laughed, falling on the floor, myself joining him soon after.

‘Its not funny!’ Mikey wined, crossing his arms, looking at the floor.

‘Dude, it really is! Did you not think to un-plug the toaster?’ I asked standing up, using the counter for support.

‘No, it was a spur of the moment decision.’ Mikey said, glaring at Gerard and myself.

‘Come on where ‘gonna be late.’ Gerard said, still laughing.

-Time Lapse-

‘Told you we were ‘gonna be late!’ Gerard said, pulling me towards our first lesson of the day. PE, grate!

‘Meh, its only PE, nothing important.’ I sighed, not wanting to go one bit.

‘Yeah, but if we skipped two days in a row, I think they’d say something.’ Gerard said, pulling me into the changing rooms.

‘Can we not pretend where ill.’ I asked, screwing my nose up at the awful smell coming from the changing rooms.

‘No, where here now, not that we’ll be doing anything.’ Gerard smiled, pulling me to where Ray and Bob where standing.

‘Finally! We thought you weren’t coming in!’ Ray said, smiling along with Bob, when they saw our joined hands.

‘No, Mikey thought it would be a good idea to make breakfast at Frank’s house, then I had to explain to Frank why it is not a good idea for Mikes to be anywhere near a toaster, which made us late.’ Gerard laughed, along with the others.

‘Get into groups of 5 and come this way, you’ll be working with the other classes.’ The coach said from the door way.

‘Shit! I thought we had maths.’ Mikey said , coming in behind us, just then I realised that Bob was in here as well, they were in a different year group and shouldn’t have PE at the same time as us. ‘Hey, what are you doing in here anyway?’

‘Oh, we now have PE with you lot, ‘dunno why, they told us yesterday.’ Bob shrugged.

‘Oh, cool.’ I smiled following them out into the gym, where all the other boys where.

‘Right, as you 5 are the last one’s out, you can do croquet.’ The coach grinned, menacingly.

‘Awesome, we get to use mallets.’ I grinned. Gerard rolled his eyes, his arm going around my shoulders.

‘This should be.. interesting..’ Bob said, slowly.

‘Is it the best idea to give Frank a mallet?’ Ray asked, eye’s slightly wide, he was looking at me grinning like a maniac. ‘And from the look on his face. No. it isn’t a good idea.’ Ray said, giving the mallets to everybody, but me. I pouted and crossed my arms.

‘Why you no trust me?’ I asked, making my puppy dog eyes at him.

‘The look on you’re face earlier said I shouldn’t, and you just seem the type of person to hit someone with it.’ Bob grimaced, making me grin.

‘Gimme, gimme, the god damn mallet, c’mon!’ I said in a sing-song way, still grinning.

‘Okay, okay. Here.’ Ray said, handing me the mallet. ‘Err, does any one even know how to play?’ Ray said, sheepishly.

‘No..’ Bob said, looking to Mikey and Gerard.

‘Not one bit.’ Gerard laughed.

‘Nope.’ Mikey said straight faced. Bob looked at me.

‘I think I know.’ I said, trying to remember back to when I was little and my teacher tried teaching it to me, without much success.

-Time Lapse-

‘So you just, hit the ball through the hoopy thing’s?’ Gerard asked, still looking confused.

‘I think so.’ I laughed.

‘Cool, well that was a total waste of time.’ Mikey said, laughing slightly.

‘Yuup.’ I laughed, following them back into the gym, where we put away the equipment and went to lunch. ‘I HAVE SKITTLES!’ I said, grinning my face off, pulling a bag of skittles out of my bag, ripping them open and shoving some of them into my mouth, still grinning.

‘Oh god, no.’ Gerard said, knowing what I was like on skittles. I grinned at him, offering them all some.

‘What do you mean by, ‘Oh god, no. Gerard?’ Bob asked, curious.

‘Yesterday when he had skittles, he went crazy, running round and shouting things at people.’ Gerard said, remembering yesterday when he had given me them.

‘Oh god.’ Bob said, looking wearily over at me. I grinned happily eating more of the deliciously malty coloured sweets.

‘A oov ittles.’ I smiled, my words coming out muffled.

‘Say again.’ Gerard laughed.

I swallowed the sweets and said again. ‘I love skittles.’ I grinned.

‘As I can see.’ Gerard laughed again, along with the others, his arm going around me waist, pulling me closer over to him. I snuggled into his side, breathing him in.

‘So what you guys wanna do?’ Ray asked, sitting on the floor in front of the bench.

‘Don’t mind.’ I said, happy I had my skittles. Gerard shrugged next to me. I looked over at Bob and Mikey, expecting one of them to come up with an idea. When I did look up, they were both staring at each other intently, Ray cleared his throat, trying to get their attention.

‘Hello, earth to Mikey and Bob.’ Ray said waving a hand in front of their faces. Both there heads snapped up, there eyes going wide, then back to normal.

‘You like, zoned out then. Both of you.’ Gerard grinned, looking down at me. I looked back up at him, not knowing what the look was about. ‘What?’ I mouthed, ‘I’ll tell you later.’ He mouthed back.
‘What, no, no. Just thinking.’ Mikey said, sheepishly.

‘Err, yeah, thinking..’ Bob said, also sounding sheepish. ‘What did you ask anyway?’ He asked, frowning slightly.

‘What do you want to do? ‘Coz we don’t know, and were bored.’ Gerard chuckled lightly.

‘SKITTLE FIGHT!’ I suddenly shouted, making everyone jump, throwing skittles and Bob and Mikey.

‘The skittles are only just kicking in aren’t they?’ Gerard chuckled, holding me away from him as I throw more skittles and the others.

‘Yuup.’ I laughed, grinning my face off.

‘Can you please stop throwing skittles at me!’ Ray asked, covering his face from the skittles.

‘As you asked so nicely.’ I said, aiming the skittles more at Bob and Mikey than at him.

‘Why did you stop throwing them at him, but not us?!’ Bob shouted.

‘’Coz you haven’t asked me to.’ I grinned, still throwing them at him.

‘Will you please stop throwing skittles at me?!’ Bob practically shouted again.

‘Yuup.’ I grinned, now concentrating on throwing them at Mikey.

‘What he said.’ Mikey grimaced, also covering his face from the skittles.

‘Nope, you didn’t ask nice enough.’ I grinned.

‘Please, Frank, will you stop throwing skittles at me, as you stopped when Ray and Bob asked you to.’ Mikey asked, still covering his face.

‘Sure.’ I stopped throwing skittles, and started eating them again. ‘Oh, and by the way, you guys owe me another bag of skittles.’ I grinned down at the half empty bag of skittles in front of me.

‘What no-!’ Mikey got cut off by the end of lunch bell.

‘Yes you do!’ I shouted over my shoulder as I ran down the stairs, pulling Gerard with me.

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