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Crappy Film's And Piggy Back's - Chapter 16

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Bob and Mikey get in trouble and Gerard and Frank end up on the floor xP

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Bob’s POV

‘I hate this film.’ I whispered to Mikey, we were in English, watching War of the Worlds. ‘It sucks ass, if you ask me.’ Mikey grinned, hiding his face in his arm trying not to laugh.

‘I agree.’ Mikey grinned, recovering from laughing.

‘Do you have something to share with the rest of the class, Mr Bryar, Mr Way?’ the teacher asked, I hadn’t noticed that she had paused the film, and the whole class was staring at us.

‘Err, I was just saying that this film can suck my ass, it sucks that much.’ I said, seriously straight faced.

‘Yeah, I agree.’ Mikey piped up, that was very unlike Mikey to be so bold.

‘Both of you, the head teachers office, now. And I didn’t aspect it from you, Mr Way.’ Our English teacher said, looking extremely angry.

‘Out.’ She said, getting angrier. We hurried out of the room, laughing once we had gotten out of that hell hole called English.

‘That was good, high five!’ Mikey said, turning to me his hand going up for the high five, his beautiful grin spreading across his face. This made me grin, my hand going up to smack his.

‘Come on, we gotta go to the head’s office.’ Mikey laughed, pulling me along, his warm gentle hand wrapped round my wrist. He let go once we got there, I suddenly missed the warm contact of it though. Mikey knocked on the door to the head’s office, her secretary telling us to come in, as we walked in the head walked out of her office and looked surprised to see us, well not to see me, im in here at least once a week, Mikey, not so much.

‘Now what brings you boys here, I can already guess why you’re here Mr Bryar, Mr Way why are you in here, you never get in trouble.’ She frowned, Mikey seemed to shrink and look down at his shoes.

‘Err, well we were watching War Of The World’s in English, and I hate that film, so I was saying to Mikey that I hated it and this it could suck my ass, and the bitch of a teacher told me to tell her and the rest of the class what we were talking about, so I did, and she sent us here. So Mikey hasn’t done anything wrong, I have, so he shouldn’t get in trouble.’ I said, watching as her expression changed from frowning to slightly smiling, back to frowning.

‘Well, I can understand why you say it ‘sucks’ Mr Bryar, it’s a pointless film, they don’t even run from the robot thing, they just stand staring at, really, who would do that?’ The head teacher said, going into a rant about how stupid and pointless the film is.

‘I agree.’ Mikey said, looking up from his, now not so interesting shoes, he was smiling.
‘Yeah, same.’ I agreed, chuckling slightly.

‘Well, there’s no need for a punishment then, it does ‘suck’ in you’re words.’ She said, smiling. ‘You can finish early, no point going back to that lesson. ‘The Head smiled, ushering out of the office.

‘Thanks, miss.’ Mikey said, grinning, pulling me along again.

‘I hope not to see you again this week Mr Bryar, and as for you Mr Way, I hope never to see you in here again.’ She said, before closing the doors.

‘We were lucky she hated the film.’ Mikey smiled, walking towards our next class, art.

‘Yuup.’ I smiled at him, following him along the corridor.

-Time Lapse-

‘Yes! End of the day.’ I said, punching the air, making our way over to were the others where.
‘Hey.’ Ray said, his fro bouncing up and down as he walked towards us. ‘How was English? Heard you got send to the head.’ He grimaced.

‘Found out she hates War Of The World’s, just as much as I do.’ I smiled, walking with him and Mikey towards Frank and Gerard, who were currently making out in a bush. ‘So we didn’t get in trouble, she just said she didn’t want to see me in there again this week, and didn’t want to see Mikey in there ever again.’ I laughed.

‘Like Mikey would get in trouble by himself.’ I laughed, pushing Mikey a little, he grinned, also laughing.

‘My brother got in trouble?!’ Gerard said in mock horror and shock, then laughed and said. ‘What ya do Mikes?’

‘Bob said that the film we were watching sucked and I laughed, the teacher asked what was so funny, so Bob repeated what he said to me, and we got sent to the head, who also hated the film and let us off.’ Mikey grinned, laughing.

‘Ha, lol.’ Frank laughed, jumping on Gerard’s back, for a piggy back, which made Gerard fall over, because he wasn’t expecting it. Which left us all laughing as Frank and Gerard picked themselves up off the floor.

‘Tell me when you’re gonna do that next time.’ Gerard said, laughing at Frank’s expression.
‘Maybe, maybe not.’ Frank grinned, jumping on his back again. I laughed again, this time getting a laugh back from Gerard.

‘Come on, we gotta be getting home.’ Mikey said, walking in the direction of the gates, us all following him, like lost puppys.

Sorry it took so long, busy doing things xP hope you liked it

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