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I Like To Do The Conga In My PJ's - Chapter 17

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Hyper Frank.

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Gerard’s POV

‘So Frank, you play guitar right?’ Bob asked, we were currently sitting on the sofa in my living room.

‘Yeah, I’ve been playing since I was little.’ Frank smiled from the seat next to me, my arm round his shoulders, his arm round my waist.

‘Well were ‘kinda in a band, we don’t have a name, we don’t have many song’s and we need another guitarist. Well what im saying is, you ‘wanna join, Frankie?’ I asked, smiling down at him.

‘I’d love to Gee!’ Frank grinned, leaning up to kiss my cheek.

‘YAAY! We now have our 5th member of the band that currently has no name.’ I laughed.

‘So guys? Band practice?’ Ray asked, coming in from the kitchen carrying cups of coffee.

‘Sure.’ I said, leading the way to the garage.

-Time Lapse-

‘Well are you ready Ray?’ I asked, Ray had showed Frank what he was doing and Frank had made up his parts.

‘Yeah.’ Ray nodded.

‘How bout you Frank?’ I asked looking over at Frank.

‘Oh I’m there baby.’ Frank grinned over at me. The others looked at him like he was a complete weirdo.

‘How ‘bout you Mikay?’ I asked, rolling my eyes at Frank’s reply.

‘Fuckin’ ready.’ Mikey nodded, polka face intact.

‘How’s you Bobbert?’ I laughed.

‘Yuup, Im ready.’ He grinned, drum sticks held up in the air.

‘Well I think im alright.’ I said, standing in front of the mic.

-Time Lapse-

‘That. Was. AWESOME!’ Frank squealed, dropping down onto the sofa, Mikey threw Coke and Pepsi’s over from the mini fridge in the corner.

‘Wow, how come you still have energy? You’re like, really small.’ Bob grinned, patting Frank on the head from the seat beside him on the sofa.

‘OI! IM NOT SHORT!’ Frank shouted, crossing his arms, pouting, making him look very cute.
‘No, he’s fun sized.’ I grinned, pulling him in close to my side.

‘Elf sized is more like it.’ Bob mumbled, under his breath, Frank heard this and hit him on the arm, making Bob wince. ‘Okay! Okay! You’re Frank sized.’ Bob grinned, leaning away from Frank, towards the arm of the sofa.

‘I like to do the conga in my PJ’s.’ Frank randomly said, then grinned, and ran out of the room. I rolled my eyes, knowing that he was hyper and was on the run somewhere, just then there was a loud crash in the kitchen. I hurried out of the garage and into the kitchen where there was a very large pile of sauce pans, and Frank lying underneath them.

‘What did you do?’ I asked pulling him up from the floor, putting the sauce pans back into the cupboard.

‘I was searching for the land of skittles and unicorns, and the magical fro of foryness on Ray’s head said that it was in here, so I tried finding it but there where sauce pans in the way and I tired moving them, but they landed on me.’ Frank said grinning his face off, until he got to the sauce pan part. ‘But I also found these!’ Frank said, triumphantly holding up a bag of unopened skittles.

‘I don’t think you need any more skittles for today.’ I said, trying to take the bag off him, only for him to run out of the room again. I rolled my eyes and followed him out of the room.
‘You haven’t seen Frank have you?’ I asked, walking to the garage, to find Frank swinging off the rafters. ‘Frank, what the hell are you doing?’ I asked trying to doge his swinging feet.

‘Swinging!’ he screamed, at the top of his voice, grinning his face off again.

‘How did he even get up there?’ I asked turning towards the others, they were staring at Frank, blank looks on their faces.

‘He, just. Jumped.’ Mikey said, bewildered.

‘How the hell, did he just jump up there?’ I asked, turning back towards Frank, where he was still grinning his face off, swinging.

‘He ‘kinda, just, ran and jumped, managing to hold onto the rafter.’ Bob said, watching him swing back and forth.

‘Err, Frankie, you ‘gonna get down from there now?’ I asked, trying to shake the bag of skittles, he had dropped in front of him.

‘Sure!’ he said, dropping down, trying to grab the bag of skittles from my hand, I managed to throw them over my shoulder, and grab Frank at the same time. ‘Noo! My precious skittles!’ Frank said, making grabby hands over my shoulders at the skittles Ray was now holding.

‘No more skittles for you, you are WAY to hyper for anymore.’ I laughed, as he pouted in my arms, before leaning up and kissing me on the lips, enthusiastically. I kissed him back just the same, before breaking away from someone behind me coughing. I grinned down at Frank, then turned to the others. ‘What?’ I asked, grinning at them.
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