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Mikey And Bob - Chapter 18

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Bob's chapter xP

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Bob’s POV

Mikey walked into the room, wearing a pair of tight black, skinny jeans and his, also tight, Anthrax t-shirt. I took in his skinny, yet muscly build, I grinned inwardly, thinking how hot he looked.

‘Hey, Mikes.’ I smiled over at him, from my seat on the sofa, he was setting up the PS3, to play something.

‘Hey, Bobert, ‘wanna play?’ Mikey asked, holding up a Resistance 3 case.

‘Sure.’ I grinned, Mikey knowing I loved this game. He sat down next to me on the sofa, handing me the PS3 controller.

‘Where are the others?’ I asked, concentrating on the game.

‘Kitchen. Coffee.’ Mikey answered simply, concentrating even more on the game, in front of him. I looked over at his face, it was really cute, he was sticking his tongue out of the corner of his mouth, his eyes slightly squinting. I turned back to the game, before something happened, and he noticed I was staring at him.

(Sorry for the wait, my internets gone down, I'm currently using some other persons internet, they haven't locked it xDD)

(Sorry its short, just that i like to do the chapters in POV's, and this was just kinda a preview o what Bob thinks o Mikey ^_^ and there is mroe to come xDD)
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