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'GIMME MORE COFFEE! - Chapter 19

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Mikey wants more coffee..

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Mikey’s POV

I could see Bob staring at me from the corner of my eye, I deliberately wore my really tight, black skinny jeans today, and tight Anthrax tee, this should get him to notice me, I thought concentrating on the game even more than before.

‘Damn, you wanna play another game, or..?’ Bob asked, putting the controller on the coffee table, turning towards me.

‘Naa, you wanna go find the others in the kitchen, I need coffee.’ I stated, I need coffee like I need air. This made Bob laugh, standing up walking into the kitchen. As soon as I saw Frank pouring some fresh coffee, I ran over and grabbed it out of his hands, downing it in two gulps. Grinning I shoved the cup back at Frank, who was standing there, eyes wide as he poured more coffee into the cup.

‘You like coffee, don’t you?’ Frank asked, looking at the empty cup I had shoved in front of him again.

‘Yuup! Now ‘gimme more coffee!’ I said, stamping my foot like a little girl who wasn’t aloud a Barbie doll. ‘Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee!’ I grinned.

‘Frank, don’t give him any more, he’ll be like you were yesterday, and I can cope with you, but no Mikey.’ Gerard sighed, from his seat on the counter, next to the coffee machine. I gave Gerard evils, and threw an apple at him, it was the first thing that I could find next to me, it hit im on the arm. Where he wasn’t expecting it, so it really hurt him.

‘What was that for?!’ Gerard practically shouted, rubbing his arm.

‘For saying horrid things to me.’ I stuck my tongue out at him.

‘When have I said anything horrid to you?’ Gerard said, innocently.


‘Okay! Okay..! You’re still not having any more coffee though.’ Gerard smirked, I glared at him walking backward out of the room.
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