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Mikey No Coffee. Mikey No Likey. - Chapter 20

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Frank’s POV

‘YOU DENIED ME COFFEE! THAT’S LIKE THE MOST HORRIDIST THING EVER!’ Mikey shouted, using his arms for effect.

‘Okay! Okay..! You’re still not having any more coffee though.’ Gerard smirked, Mikey glared at him, walking out of the room backwards. This made me laugh, Gerard turned towards me, eyebrows lifted, into his hair. ‘And you would be laughing at what?’ Gerard smirked again.

‘You. And Mikey.’ I smirked back, standing from my seat, going over to him, I leaned in closer as he did the same, just as Mikey came bursting through the doorway again. Gerard and I broke away from each other, a slight tinge of red painting our cheeks.

‘EWW! I don’t want to know what you two were about to do!’ Mikey said, covering his eyes, like we were still kissing.

‘Oh, get over it.’ Gerard rolled his eyes, sitting down next to me, his arm going round my shoulder, I snuggled into his side.

‘You get over it!’ Mikey shouted from the door way.

‘How am I supposed to get over it! You’re the one who’s been denied coffee.’ Gerard laughed.

‘That’s not the point.’ Mikey stuck his tongue out at Gerard, who did the same, I took my chance and licked his tongue, distracting him from his ‘fight’ with Mikey.

‘EWW! That’s grose!’ Mikey said, making puking noises from the door way.

‘How’s it grose? His tongue’s been in my mouth before.’ I laughed, smirking at Mikey.

‘I DIDN’T WANT THAT MENTAL IMAGE!’ Mikey said, covering his eyes with his hands, as if it was going to block it out.

‘I can give him something better than a mental image.’ Gerard smirked, whispering into my ear. I looked up into his face confused, just as his lips crashed against mine. I moaned into the kiss, I could just see Mikey look over, out of the corner of my eye, making me smile into the kiss.

‘EWW! I DIDN’T MEAN I WANTED TO SEE THE REAL THING!’ Mikey screamed, running out of the room, arms flailing. I broke away from the kiss laughing, Gerard joining me in the laughing.
‘Now that, was good!’ I said, between laughing, Gerard nodded, not able to speak because of laughing.

‘Hell yeah!’ Gerard laughed, clutching his sides, from laughing so much. His lips stretched out into a beautiful smile, he started leaning into me, I did the same, getting closer, and closer, until our lips touched. He started massaging his lips against mine, his tongue coming out to run along my own lips, I opened my mouth, my own tongue coming out to smash against his tongue. He moaned, this made me smile into the kiss, I opened my mouth wider, letting his tongue into my mouth more, exploring every little part of my mouth which he could get to. This made me moan, I leaned closer to him, my hands going into his hair, his going around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I broke away from the kiss breathing deeply, Gerard doing the same. I grinned at him, at this point Mikey came into the room, he looked suspiciously at us, before carrying on into the kitchen.

Sorry I haven't updated in ages, busy with collage work, I'm currently writing the next chapter.
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