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Pink? Really? - Chapter 21

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Bob and Mikey go to town.

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Bob’s POV

I was in the my kitchen dancing to Poker Face by Lady Gaga, singing along to, minding my own business. I had my eye’s closed, turned away from the door, suddenly I heard a snort from behind me, my eyes snapped open and I spun around to find Mikey standing there staring at me, trying to keep his poker face. Which he didn’t manage to do, as he landed on the floor laughing his head off.

‘What are you laughing at, Way?’ I glare. ‘I’m not the only one who’s walked in on him dancing to Lady Gaga.’ I grin, as he gets up off the floor, his face suddenly serious. ‘Any way, what are you doing in my house, and how did you get in?’ I asked, suspiciously, folding my arms.

‘Dude, you lave the door unlocked, like, ALL the time.’ Mikey laughed, going to sit down in one of the kitchen chairs.

‘Oh yeah.’ I laughed, going over to the coffee machine, pouring myself and Mikey a mug.

‘Thanks.’ He smiled, lifting the mug up to his already wet lips.

‘Welcome.’ I smiled, drinking my own coffee. ‘Why are you here?’ I asked, whilst putting my coffee mug down on to the table. ‘You never said before.’ I frowned.

‘Do I have to have a reason to come visit my best friend?’ Mikey asked, his eyebrows going into his hair.

‘Fair enough.’ I grinned, standing up and stretching. ‘PS3?’ I asked, grinning.

-Time Lapse-

‘YES! BEAT THAT MOFO!’ I shouted, doing a victory dance.

‘That’s only ‘coz you cheated.’ Mikey rolled his eyes.

‘I did nothing of the sort!’ I laughed.

‘Yes you did!’ Mikey laughed.

‘Are you sure I cheated?’ I asked, moving slowly towards him, hands out stretched.

‘You wouldn’t.’ Mikey said, frowning, moving backwards, not being able to go any further back, because of the sofa.

‘Oh yes I would.’ I grinned, pouncing on him, tickling his ribs and feet.

‘No! Stop!’ Mikey laughed, almost crying he was laughing so much.

‘Never!’ I laughed evilly, now sitting on Mikey’s waist. Realising where I was, I stopped tickling Mikey, he stopped laughing to, I looked deep into his eyes, drowning in there hazel brownness. Mikey was leaning up and I felt like gravity was pulling me down towards him, our lips getting closer and closer. Once they finally touched, it was like fireworks going off on New Year’s Day. Mikey’s tongue gliding along my bottom lip, fiddling with my lip ring, making me moan lightly. Mikey and I broke away from the kiss, breathing deeply, staring into each other’s eyes.

‘Mikey, I.. I really like you, and have done, for like, ages. I was wondering.. if.. if you’d.. want to, err, go out with me?’ I asked, stuttering over my words. I was never like this, with anyone.

‘I-I’d love to Bobert.’ Mikey grinned, leaning up to kiss me again, Mikey moaned as I pushed my tongue into his mouth, making me smile into the kiss. Mikey smiled, braking the kiss again, smiling his face off.

‘Come one, I’m going to take you somewhere nice.’ I smiled down at him, getting off of him, pulling him up from the floor.

‘What, as in, like a date?’ Mikey asked, his cheeks reddening slightly.

‘Yuup.’ I grinned, kissing his cheek, pulling him out of the door and down the road.

‘Where we going?’ Mikey asked, swinging his are arms between us.

‘At the moment? No idea.’ I grinned, pulling him in close to my side. This made him laugh, snuggling into my arm.

‘Coffee?’ I asked, grinning down at him again.

‘Yes. Yes. Yes. You know me, oh, so, well.’ Mikey grinned, pulling me towards Starbucks in town. We joined the back of the quew, enjoying the smell of coffee, drifting up their noses.

‘So, what do you want? I’m buying, no objections.’ I said, smiling down at him. Getting the point of that I was buying before he could object, this making him roll his eyes.

‘Plain black coffee, please.’ Mikey smiled, resting his head on my shoulder.

‘Awesome. Why don’t you go and find somewhere for us to sit?’ I asked, directing him over to the empty corner in the back of the shop, where it was quieter.

‘Sure.’ He grinned, walking away, I couldn’t help but stare at his ass as he walked away, I swear he was swinging his hips more than usual, just because he knew I would be starting at it. At this point he looked over his shoulder, saw that I was staring at him, and winked, this made me laugh.

‘Can I take your order, sir.’ The lady behind the counter asked, seeing as I was distracted.

-Time Lapse-

‘So what would you like to do after this?’ I asked, looking at the time.

‘Don’t mind, as long as its with you.’ Mikey shrugged grinning from his seat opposite me.

‘Soppy much.’ I laughed. ‘How ‘bought we go to Blue Banana, ‘coz I ‘wanna get a new belt, this one’s braking and keeps letting my trousers fall down.’ I frowned at the table, trying to pull my trousers which were falling down, whilst siting down.

‘I don’t mind them falling down.’ Mikey grinned. ‘C’mon, let’s go get you a belt.’ Mikey laughed.

-Time Lapse-

‘Pink?’ Mikey askes, laughing, holding up a pink studded belt.

‘Really?’ I asked, looking at the belts in front of me.

‘Yes. Now try it on.’ Mikey said, smirking putting the belt around my waist. ‘I like it.’ Mikey smirked, leaning up to kiss my cheek.

‘Really? You really think it suits me?’ I asked, lifting my eyebrows up.

‘Yes. Now go buy it, before I go buy it for you.’ Mikey grinned, handing me the belt, I had no way out of this, if I didn’t buy it Mikey would. I rolled my eyes at him making my way over to the counter.

‘YAAY! You’re buying it!’ Mikey said triumphantly, skipping over to me.

‘Only ‘coz I didn’t really have a choice in the matter, did I?’ I said, eyebrows raised, I slipped my hand into his, feeling his rough finger tips, grazing over the back of my hand.

‘Nope.’ Mikey grinned, tugging on my hand, pulling me out of the shop.

‘Where you wanna go now?’ I asked, Mikey swinging our arms between us.
‘Well I wanna get some CD’s.’ Mikey grinned.

‘Don’t you have enough? Can’t you just get them off ITunes?’ I asked, rolling my eyes, Mikey has a huge stack of CD’s on his shelves, almost overflowing.

‘I like to have a back up.’ Mikey grinned, pulling me over to HMV.

‘It’ll all be on your iPod though.’ I laughed.

‘That’s not the point.’ Mikey rolled his eyes, pulling me over to the metal section.
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