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Truth Or Dare? - Chapter 22

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Bob and Mikey have yet to tell the others about them, how will they use this to there advantage?

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Chapter 22

‘You wanna have a sleep over tonight?’ I asked Bob, looking at the floor, trying not to trip over.

‘Sure, my house or yours?’ Bob asked, we where not on our way back to his house, after our trip to town.

‘Well, we could do it at either, then invite the others.’ I smiled up at him, our hands still attached.

‘Sure, my house? My mum is away on a business trip. So I have the house to myself.’ Bob grinned.

‘I’ll text the others, telling them where and when then.’ I smiled up at Bob, kissing him on the cheek.

‘Are we ‘gonna tell the others, ‘bout you and me?’ Bob asked, knowing fully well that they’d accept us. I thought about it for a minute, I had an idea.

Smirking I said. ‘How ‘bout we have some fun with them?’ I grinned.

‘I like you’re way of thinking.’ Bob smirked back.

-Time Lapse-

‘LET’S PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE!’ Frank squealed, pulling out an old coke bottle, putting it in the middle of our circle.

‘Trust you to have everything we need for spin the bottle.’ Gerard laughed, pulling him closer to him, Frank stuck his tongue out at him.

‘So, who’s going first?’ Ray asked, sitting opposite Gerard.

‘O! O! O! MEEEE!’ Frank squealed again, jumping up and down.

‘I take it Frank’s going first then.’ Bob laughed. Frank grinned, spinning the bottle. It landed on Bob.

‘Bob, truth or dare?’ Frank asked, excitement gleaming in his eyes.

‘Dare.’ Bob smirked, looking over at me out of the corner of his eye, we had planned what we were going to do before anyone had come over.

‘I dare you to.. MAKE OUT WITH MIKEY, FOR 5 MINUTES!’ Frank shouted, grinning his face off, I acted like I didn’t want to do it, even though, on the inside I was screaming yes.

‘Fine.’ Bob growled, leaning over the circle towards me. I leaned it to, still acting like I didn’t want to do it, Bob doing the same. We closed the space, our lips smashing together, I moaned into the kiss, freaking the others out. We pulled away from the kiss smirking, to see the others mouths gaping open.

‘What?’ Bob smirked, leaning back to where he was sitting before.

‘You.. Did.. It..’ Frank said, shutting his mouth afterwards.

‘Yuup.’ I answered for Bob, grinning.

‘Okay, moving on.’ Frank said, handing Bob the bottle. It landed on Gerard, who mouth was still hanging open.

‘Truth or dare?’ Bob asked, looking over at Gerard, who had now shut his mouth.

‘Err, dare.’ Gerard said, coming back to the present.

‘I dare you to.. go next door, NAKED and ask for some clothes.’ Bob grinned, they all knew who lived next door, apart from Frank, this made Gerard groan and the others laugh.

‘Who lives next door?’ Frank asked, frowning slightly.

‘An old lady, she likes them young you see, has a new ‘boy toy’ every week.’ Mikey laughed, clutching his stomach.

‘And if I don’t?’ Gerard asked, lifting his eye brows.

‘You have to run down the road naked singing I’m a Barbie girl.’ Bob smirked.

‘Fine. Ill do the first one then.’ Gerard gave Bob a dirty look, before stripping of his clothes, Frank was staring at him, not blinking.

‘Like what you see, Frankie?’ Gerard winked, as he took he t-shirt off.

‘Hell yeah!’ Frank grinned, taking his phone out, and taking a picture of Gerard.

‘Oi! You better delete that!’ Gerard said, undoing his belt.

‘NEVER! MWHAAHAHA!’ Frank said, now filming Gerard. This made the others laugh, me covering my eye as my brother stood in the middle of Bobs lounge, now completely naked.
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