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Gerard's Dare - Chapter 23

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Gerard has to do his dare, and Bob and Mikey's secret comes out in the open.

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Wow, it feels like forever since I last updated O_O Well I hope you enjoy the new chapter i put up :DD

Gerard’s POV

As I walked out into the cold, the night darkness hiding me from any person walking down the street, hoping nobody would notice the fact that I had no clothes on. At all. Blame Bob, it was his dare, I knew I should have chosen truth, silly me, I’ll know next time. As I made my away over the grass, the others were watching laughing quietly, I looked over my shoulder glaring at them. I made my way up the stairs, towards the door, dreading what was to come. I knocked on the door, hoping she wouldn’t be, in and I would be let off, and of course knowing my luck she was in. The door swung open, light flowing out of it, on to my naked form.

‘Well hello.’ The woman said, she was about 40 years old and wearing hardly any clothes at all, I kept my eyes on here face, not wanting to look down.

‘Err, hi, can I, err, have some clothes? Only mine where stolen, when I was, err, having a shower, and I don’t have any more.’ I asked, keeping my eyes on her face.

‘Well sure! Why don’t you come in and I can fix you up with something?’ she grinned, suggestively.

‘Err, no thanks, I think I’d rather stay out in the cold, if that’s fine with you.’ I said, taking a step away from her.

‘Well, if you’re sure. Hang on and ill be back in a sec.’ she grinned, shutting the door. She came back a few minutes later, giving me something black and leather, I stared at it, not wanting to know what it was. I started backing my way off the porch and back towards Bob’s house.

‘Thanks for the clothes! I’ll be sure to return them!’ I shouted, walking backwards, clothes over my crotch away from her.

‘No worries, you can keep them!’ she said, still grinning, waving her hand towards me, I grinned sheepishly, back away faster this time, I could hear the others trying not to laugh.

-Time Lapse-

‘I am going to kill you lot.’ I growled, putting my clothes back on, the others looking at the clothes the wired lady from next door gave me, turns out she had given me a leather dog costume, including tail and leash.

‘Oh Gee, I think Frankie would have really liked it, if you had put the other clothes on.’ Mikey said, joking around, glancing from me back to Frank, and trying to keep a straight face.

‘Fuck you.’ Frank said, also trying to keep a straight face, but failing badly.

‘I’d rather you didn’t fuck in my house.’ Bob said, chuckling quietly.

‘Naa, we’ll leave that to you and Mikey.’ I laughed along with Ray and Frank, Bob and Mikey looking completely straight faces, this led me onto thinking what had happened earlier with them making out, my eyes widened as I realised what was going on. ‘Are you two..?’ I trailed off, pointing from Bob to Mikey and back to Bob again. Mikey nodded grinning, Bob doing the same. I squealed, jumping on my little brother, hugging him. ‘I’s so happy for you!’ I squealed, now jumping on Bob giving him a hug.

‘I’m not getting what you’re on about.’ Frank scratched his head, him and Ray looking at each other, it was like a little light clicked on in both their heads, their faces lighting up with excitement at the same time.

‘OH MY GOD YOU’RE!’ Frank squealed, doing what I had just done, Ray going for more of a manly hand shake.

‘I’m happy for you guy’s.’ Ray smiled, standing back, going to sit on the sofa.

‘Yeah, me to.’ I grinned, sitting down next to Ray, Frank on my other side.

‘Me three!’ Frank squealed again, making my laugh.

‘Movie?’ Bob asked, not liking the fact that the subject was still on him and Mikey.

‘Sure.’ I agreed, the others nodding along, in approval. This was going to be a grate night, I smiled to myself, pulling Frank in closer to my side, as Bob put the DVD in.
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