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Mouth Full O Pizza - Chapter 24

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Movies, Pizza and Bob blushing..

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Bob’s POV

In the end we ended up watching Jaws, it being Mikey’s favourite and all, now that the others knew about Mikey and myself, we could be open about things. Like right now, Mikey was leaning his head on my shoulder, his arms around my waist, my arm rapped protectively around his shoulders. Gerard and Frank where on the other sofa, in a similar position, Ray on his own on the bean bag, next to the coffee table.

‘What should we watch next?’ I asked, standing up, detaching Mikey from myself.

‘NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!’ Frank squealed, making Gerard jump.

‘Okay..’ I said, slowly, making my way over to the stack of DVD’s next to the tv.

‘It’s my favourite movie of ALL time.’ Frank said, extravagating the all and using hand gestures to.

‘Moving on..’ I said, putting the disc in the machine, and going back to sit down next to my Mikey. I’m so glad I can say that now, MY Mikey, nobody else’s, mine. I smiled thinking this, Mikey looked up at me, smiling back, before kissing my cheek. Before going back to watching the film, which had just started.

-Time Lapse-

I must have fallen asleep, someone was poking me in the side of the face, I groaned, opening my eyes to a smiling Mikey.

‘Whhaatt? I was asleep.’ I moaned, covering my face with my arm.

‘You fell asleep, and so did the others, I was bored and the film finished.’ Mikey grinned, still poking my face.

‘Well why didn’t you put in another DVD? And can you please stop poking my face?’ I moaned, sitting up slightly.

‘Well I would have, but you’re sitting on me.’ Mikey pointed out. I looked down and realised that I was now sitting/lying on Mikey.

‘Oh, sorry.’ I said moving my legs from his. ‘You want something to eat?’ I asked, standing up and stretching.

‘Sure.’ Mikey agreed, following me out into the kitchen. I looked through the cupboards for something to eat, seeing nothing I asked Mikey what he would want.

‘Pizza!’ Mikey said, jumping up and down on the spot.

‘Err, what time is it?’ I asked, not having a phone or anything on me.

‘2.37am, will the pizza place still be open?’ Mikey asked, looking cutely concerned, this made me smile.

‘You know, you’re cute when you smile.’ I said, blushing once I realised I said it out loud.

‘Thanks.’ Mikey smiled, walking over to me. ‘And you’re cute when you blush like that.’ He said, leaning towards me, I leaned in to, closing the gap between us, our lips connecting. Mikey’s arms going around me necks, mine around his waist. Just as we where getting into it there was a cough from the door way, I broke contact from Mikey, looking up to see Ray standing there, smiling, this made me blush, twice in one day, what’s wrong with me?! I never blush!

‘Aww, Bob, you’re blushing!’ Mikey said, poking my cheek.

‘No I’m not.’ I frowned, looking down.

‘Dude, you so where!’ Ray laughed, walking over to the table and sitting down on it.

‘Any way, go wake Frank and Gerard up, where having pizza!’ Mikey said, jumping up and down again.

-Time Lapse-

‘Err, Mikey, you have something on you’re face.’ I said, trying not to laugh, Mikey had tomato sauce all over his face.

‘Oh, where?’ Mikey asked, trying to see it. The others where sat there trying not to laugh, Frank stopping himself by shoving pizza into his mouth.

‘Like. There.’ I said, pointing all over his face.

‘Where?’ he said, frowning.

‘Here.’ I sighed, getting a napkin and wiping his face for him.

‘Oh, there.’ Mikey laughed, grinning at me, this made the others laugh, Frank spitting his pizza over the table.

‘Eww! Frraannk!’ Gerard complained laughing.

‘Wha-?’ Frank tried to say around a mouthful of pizza.

‘You. Are grose!’ Gerard laughed, kissing Franks temple, this made Frank grin up at him, laughing, going back to eating his pizza.
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