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Tiredness and Frank Nearly Being Thrown Out Of The Window. - Chapter 25

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It's all kind o in the title really. :DD

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Mikey’s POV

‘You. Are grose!’ Gerard laughed, kissing Frank’s temple, this made Frank grin up at him, laughing going back to eating his pizza. I rolled my eyes, chuckling slightly. Next to me Bob stretched and yawned, his arm going across my shoulder, this made me smile.

‘Could you be any cheesier?’ I laughed, leaning into him.

‘Pobs’.’ He laughed, kissing my cheek.

‘Aww, look at you two.’ Gerard smirked from across the table, I rolled my eyes before sticking my middle finger up at him.

‘How could you, Mikey? Swearing at you’re only brother!’ Gerard faked astonishment. I laughed, sticking my finger up again, this made him smile, then stick his tongue out at me, Frank seeing this licked the side of Gerard’s tongue, before grinning his face off at the rest of us.

‘Dude, why?’ Ray laughed, shaking his head at Frank.

‘Why not?’ Frank laughed, still grinning his face off.

‘You are something.’ Ray shook his head, is fro going side to side. ‘And I didn’t mean in a good way, Frank.’ Ray laughed, when Frank went to open his mouth to say something.

‘Still, why thank you.’ Frank laughed.

‘How are you not falling asleep?’ Bob asked, nearly falling asleep on me.

‘Coz’ he’s Frank.’ Gerard laughed, pulling Frank in closer to his side.

‘It’s really not normal!’ Bob said, astonished, yet still laughing.

‘Aww, is Bobby Wobby tiered?’ Frank asked, pinching Bob’s cheek, like he was a little child.

‘Yes. I didn’t get much sleep last night.’ Bob frowned, looking like he wanted to chuck Frank out the window.

‘Yeah, im getting pretty tiered myself.’ Ray said, yawning.

‘Come on, you can stay in the spare rooms.’ Bob said, standing up, pulling me with him. The others followed us upstairs, Gerard and Frank sharing a room, Ray on his own, Bob and myself staying in his room. He pulled me into his room, sitting me on the bed. ‘You wanna borrow something to sleep in?’ Bob asked, going to his draws and pulling his own pjs out.

‘Please.’ I said quietly, to tiered to reply properly. Bob noticed this, and smiled, before turning back and pulling a pare of pjs out, before handing them to me.

‘Thank you.’ I smiled, kissing his cheek on my way to the bathroom to get changed. Finishing up in the bathroom, I made my way back to Bob’s room, going through the door, Bob was standing with his back to me, only wearing a pare of grey joggers. I smiled, putting my clothes on the floor next to the door quietly, going up behind Bob and putting my cold hands on his back, making him jump. He spun around, then seeing it was me, smiled, before leaning down joining him lips to mine.
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