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Waking Up Next To Bob Bryar - Chapter 26

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Mikey wakes up next to Bob, and Ray's not in a good mood..

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MWHAHAHA, I thought I’d leave you hanging, just to be mean. Then I figured I carry on writing it, but as another chapter, just to be evil. :DD

Mikey’s POV

Bob’s lips joined mine, I leaned into the kiss more, my arms going around his neck, his around my waist. I moaned into the kiss, Bob’s hand going to the small of my back, I moved my hands into his hair. I smiled into the kiss, Bob doing the same. I broke away from the kiss, looking at Bob, smiling, him doing the same. A sudden wave of tiredness came over me, making me yarn again. Bob grinned at me, pulling me over to his bed, making me lie down, covering me with the duvet. He went to the other side of the bed, getting under the covers, pulling me over to him, against his chest.

-Time Lapse-

I woke up to someone kissing a trail from my neck, up to my ear, I smiled sleepily, turning round to see Bob, smiling back at me.

‘Monrin’ sleepy head.’ Bob grinned, kissing my lips gently, but quickly. ‘Coffee?’ he asked, knowing me to well, then getting up walking to the other side of the bed, waiting for me, I got out of bed, Bob taking my hand in the process. We went down stairs to them smell of burning toast. A classic sign that my brother was awake, this made me giggle, Bob looked at me strangely before entering the kitchen.

‘Why is there 7 pieces of burnt toast on the table?’ Bob asked, sitting me down at the table on one of the many seats, before going to get 2 mugs of steaming hot coffee.

‘Err, well I burnt it, and didn’t know where else to put it, so Frankie suggested we put it on the table, that way you know it’s there and you can eat it.’ Gerard and Frank had identical grins on their faces, Frank sitting next to the toaster on the work counter.

‘Trust you two to make a mess, where’s Ray?’ Bob asked, throwing the burnt toast in the bin, before handing me my coffee.

‘Sleeping. I guess.’ Gerard shrugged, sitting down at the table, Frank joining us, Bob going to make some more toast.

‘Now? Ray’s usually first up. It’s 11am, that’s like half the day gone for Ray!’ Bob laughed.

‘I am not sleeping.’ Ray came in from the back door, evidently not sleeping. He was fully clothed, and carrying a shopping bag.

‘Where have you been?’ Frank said, looking into the bag. ‘And did you get me anything?’ He grinned.

‘No I didn’t, apparently there was no non-de-caff-coffee.’ Ray frowns, this makes me spit out all the coffee from my mouth, Gerard doing the same.

‘YOU MEAN I JUST DRANK DE-CAFF-COFFEE?!’ I spluttered, Gerard saying the edsact same thing as me at the same time, whipping my tongue with my hands, trying to get the horrid stuff off of it.

‘Thought it taste funny.’ This made Frank and Bob laugh, before Gerard and I gave them filthy looks, they should know what where like with our coffee.

‘Yes.’ Ray said simply, sounding not in the mood for interaction.

‘What’s been shoved up his ass and left to die.’ Frank said quietly to Gerard, making Gerard laugh, loudly.

‘Dude, you didn’t say that very quietly, I can hear you.’ I laughed, then saw Rays expression and ducked my head down.

‘Nothing has been shoved up my ass.’ He said through gritted teeth, something had gone on while he was out, I’m sure of it. I think we all where.
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