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Blood,Blood gallons of the stuff

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Megan/CD xxxxx

Sam's P.O.V

"Bob?" I said turning to a very shocked looking Bob stood on Gerard and Mikey's front path.
"W-what happened to you?" he stuttered staring at my,now very bloody, back.
"Long story"I shrugged.
"Why are you sat out here?"
"Dad kicked me out" I murmured.
"Like I said long story but I have nowhere to go" I said looking down and the road.
"Ummm,I'll get the guys. But first Sam-uh-I wanted to say,I'm sorry for what I asked the other at lunch" Bob said looking down "I didn't mean to upset you"
"Oh Bob" I sighed and got up and hugged him "It's fine I wasn't upset by that"
"Shit,Sam! You've had me worried,that you've been avoiding us all week because of me!"
I chuckled softly and came out of the hug.I looked at his hands.They were covered in blood.
"Oh shit" I said "Sorry Bob"
He shrugged and ran inside to get Gerard and Mikey.
I walked over to my suitcase and sat on it,waiting.

Gerard's P.O.V

I was woken up by someone jumping on me.
"GERARD ARTHUR WAY,GET UP NOW!!!" Bob screamed down my ear.
"What! What Bob?!" I yelled back.
"Come quick,it's Sam" he said so fast,it was as if the sentence was one word.
"Okay?" I said and threw on some skinnies and a misfits tee.
Bob had ran upstairs to get Mikey.
I walked outside only to see Sam sat on a suitcase.
But the first thing I noticed was all the blood on her back.
She turned to me,gave me a small sad smile then looked down at the sidewalk.
She also had a black eye.I was about to say something but Mikey came to my side.
"What the-"he said then his eyes widened
"Did he?"He said she nodded sadly.
"Oh Sam" he whispered and walked over to her and helped her up.
"Am I missing something?" I blurted out. Mikey looked over at me.
"Her dad did this Gerard" he said.
"And he kicked her out" Bob added.
My eyes widened and my mouth nearly dropped in shock.
How could he hurt this beautiful girl? Was he mad?
"I'm gonna go see what the fuck is wrong with him" I spat and started to walk towards nextdoor but was stopped by Sam.
"Don't" she said "Please don't Gerard" I stopped.
"Where are you gonna go?" Bob asked.
"Your aunt's?" Mikey suggested.
"She won't take me in. She won't believe me. She trusts him to much" she shrugged.
"You could stay here?" I said. Mikey smiled.
"Yeah that would be awesome!" He said.
"I couldn't let you do that" she said "I couldn't do that to your Mum"
"She wouldn't mind if we asked her first" I said honestly.
"You could stay in the spare room!" Mikey said excitedly and Sam smiled at his excitement.
"Fine,but first can you guys help me get this glass out of my back. I am not going to hospital" she shuddered and we laughed and walked inside.

Sam's P.O.V


After getting Ray and Frank to come to Gerard and Mikey's and explaining what happened,we took all the glass out of my back.
Then Donna came home.
"What's up,kids?" she said sitting down.
"Mom,we need a favor" Gerard said bluntly.
"A big favor" I added.
"Go on" she said.
"Can Sam move in here?"
"What? Why what's happened?"
"Show her Sam" Frank said to me.
I lifted the back of my t-shirt up and showed her the damage.She gasped.
"My Dad-um-kicked me out but before that he um-threw me at a glass table and well did this" I said honestly.
"Honey-of course you move in but do you not want to ring the police or at least talk to your Dad first ?" she asked.
"No" We all said at the same time.
"Okay,sweetie" she then smiled "Just call me Mom!"
and we all laughed.

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