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The Sharpest Lives

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If it looks like i'm laughing, I'm really just asking to leave

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Sorry my lovelies!
but here's my new update!
the title is My chem :)

1 week later

Ray's P.O.V

We were all sat around our table at lunch.
It was the last day before summer vacation. We were all boiled to the brain.
"So what have you guys got last period?" Gerard asked.
"Maths" Bob and I said sluggishly.
"Gym" Frank and Mikey said as Sam walked over and sat in her place between Gerard and Frank.
"Hey guys" she said smiling and drinking a bit of coke.
"Sup short stuff?" Frank said grinning as she sighed.
"Frankie!" she wined "Gee tell him off!" she pouted and we all laughed.
"What've you got last Sam?" Mikey asked still laughing a little.
"Err..." she rustled around in her bag a little and then said
"Gym" and bit her lip.
"What about-"
"My back will be fine, Mikes"
"If you say so" she sighed and the bell rang.
"Laters,guys!" she said smiling.
"Meet us at the front gates!" Bob yelled to her and she gave him a thumbs up and walked through the gym door with Frank and Mikey. We ran to maths and Gerard ran to art.

Sam's P.O.V

I ran into the changing rooms and into a cubicle.
I chucked my newly washed green day shirt and new black skinnies into my bag and threw my gym kit on. I walked out onto the field where we were going to play hockey.
I saw the boys playing football or as the Americans call it 'soccer' on the field next to the hockey pitch.
I saw Mikes and Frankie standing awkwardly at the side not wanting to join in.
They started waving at me so I waved back but suddenly got knocked onto my face by a sharp blow to the back of my head.
I looked up to see a grinning Macenzie holding the hockey bat she had used to hit me.
I looked around for the Gym teacher but all I saw were people laughing and Mikey and Frank looking very concerned.
I jumped up which shocked Macenzie and spat at her:
"What's your problem,Whore?!" Anger flashed through her eyes and she stood nose to nose with me,well nose to chest as I'm tiny compared to everyone.
"Why I oughta-" But she stopped as the teacher was coming to start the lesson.
She whispered into my ear something that sent a shiver down my spine
"I'll get you later"

After Gym...

I got dressed as quickly as possible as I was meeting with the guys and we were going to get pizza because it was the last day plus it was movie night.
I went to walk out of the door but before I could my bag was thrown across the floor and landed near the wall.
When I bent down to pick it up somebody kicked me and I landed in a heap on the floor holding my bag.
"That's what you get,Freak" Macenzie spat.
At this point I was running out the back door praying they wouldn't follow me.
They did and they cornered me next to the bike sheds.
"You worthless little emo freak! You think you can get away that easy you've got another thing coming!" One of them who I think was called Carly screamed and punched me in the stomach.
"You got to my Frank too! All he ever talks about is you! Sam this! Sam that!" And punched me in the nose.
"Please stop!" I croaked helplessly.
"That's just a little taste of what's to come,Samantha!" One girl said and they all stepped forward.
Oh God,someone please save me!

Gerard's P.O.V

"I think she may be upset about it when she comes out"
Mikey explained to us about what had happened in Gym class.
Nearly everyone had gone home now.
"I wonder where she is?" Frank said.
"Should we look for her?" Bob asked.
"Give it a couple of minutes there are still some people inside" Ray said pointing to where there was a couple of people stood by the door.
"I think we should look for her" I said.
"Ok everyone split up!" Frank said and we did.
I walked around the back of the building.
I saw Macenzie and her friends crowded around the bike sheds.
"Hey!" I yelled to them and they screamed and ran off I ran towards them but by the time I got to the bike shed they had already ran off.
I sighed and looked around and was shocked to see an unconscious and bloody Sam next to the bike shed.
"Holy crap" I said and ran to her.

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