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Counting your face among the living

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PG 13 for language two of le auditionies are in this one! *yaay*

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Gerard had been walking along abandoned roads in what used to be the heart of suburbia it seamed people had up and left pretty quickly he could only hope the one friend he had left was okay he turned into a col-de-sac (not literally) and made his way up the drive of the first house, the door was wide open that seemed like a bad singe but he made his way into the house anyway “ Mikey? Mel? Chelsea?”
He called out to his relief he heard footsteps coming down the stairs Chelsea jumped on Gerard and hugged him tight Mel waited her turn then too squeezed Gerard “Shit Gee I thought you were dead”
Mel exclaimed as she pulled away from the raven-haired boy “No-no I’m fine, where’s Mike?”
Gerard looked past the girls and who were now looking down tears springing to their eyes “What, what happened?”
Gerard felt a cold chill creeping up his back as the twins in front of him let crocodile tears spill from their eyes “When we got home he they- everyone and then”
The girls let the words spill out in unison before looking at one another they nodded and Chelsea carried on with the story “We went strait home from town and things were getting kind of weird, like the streets were empty and we had no single on out phones, but we ignored it”
Now Mel was speaking “Then when we got home it seemed like no-one was in so we figured Mum was working late and maybe Mike had gone to meet you”
Mel started crying again so Chelsea had picked up the story again, if it had been a different time Gerard would have found this amusing but with the next words that Chelsea said Gerard felt like he would never laugh again “So we went upstairs and there was this funny smell, like something rotting coming from our mum’s room and we could hear kind of grunting so we went in and Mike was… well a zombie really and he was just like eating Mum, I mean you could barely tell it was her anymore her face was all ewey and deformed and her stomach was split guts spilling out and it was horrible”
“So I picked up the light stand and hit him with it”
Mel continued “I think I broke his neck cause he didn’t move, he’s still up there now we couldn’t move him we just got some of dads old stuff from the attic”
Mel gestured towards the two small guns in her belt and Gerard noticed the shotgun on the floor next to Chelsea Gerard suddenly realised he had come all this was with not so much a stick to shake at any of the un-dead he didn’t want to think about what would have happened if he had of run into any of them.
“We didn’t know what to do Gee… It was fucked up”
Chelsea exclaimed Gerard looked between the twins their bright green eyes brimming with tears he had never seen them like this they were always so hyper and generally bad ass they ran circles around Gee and Mike. Mike one more of his best friends gone he had to get to Mikey and quick before anything happened to him “C’mon we have to go pack up your things then were off to England”


Mikey woke up when the engine stopped he rubbed his groggy eyes under his glasses and yawned he looked over at a sleeping Frank next to him his features covered in blood but he still looked peaceful he then looked over to the curly haired driver “Ray what’s happening?”
Mikey asked Ray was looking through a map atlas his brow furrowed “No Way through Mikes, were gonna have to walk it from here”
Ray sounded tired “Oh”
Mikey replied quietly then stared out the window at all the cars abandoned and blocking the road he stared for about five minutes thinking about what had happened at; at school, with Frank, was it the same in New Jersey? Was Gee okay? He hoped so “Wake up Frank will you?”
Ray interrupted his thoughts Mikey nodded and shook his friend lightly “C’mon Frankie time to get up”
Frank murmured and shrugged Mikey off Mikey just shook harder “Frank wake up! There’s a puppy here!”
Franks eyes shot open and he sat up looking around “There’s no puppy here”
Frank stated grumpily Mikey giggled, “I’m sorry I’m just a horrible horrible person”
Frank shoved Mikey playfully and Ray turned to face them “We’re gonna have to walk from here guys”
Mikey and Frank nodded before Frank asked a question Mikey hadn’t even thought of up until now “Where are we going?”
Ray replied and a nostalgic smile crawled onto his face “My girlfriend lives there”
Frank and Mikey smiled and ‘oo-ood’ in unison Ray grinned before turning back around kicking open his door and climbing out of the car Mikey and Ray copied his actions so that they were now all standing awkwardly at the boot of the car “Your short”
Ray stated looking at Frank, Frank grinned “5.4”
“Fucking hell”
“I know”
Now Ray was looking at Mikey “And you’re American.”
Mikey nodded “Only just noticed? New Jersey”
Ray nodded “Why ya here?”
“Moved for Uni, I dunno I just always wanted to come here and when I got accepted to Bournemouth I figured why not”
Ray nodded again “You like it?”
“I guess yeah”
“Cause I’m here”
Frank added Mikey jabbed him in the ribs sharply “Ow!”
Mikey just sniggered Ray opened up the boot of the car and pulled out a rucksack and an axe “If you guys want a new weapon or whatever, I have a few in here”
Ray offered then started sorting through is backpack checking he had everything Mikey and Frank nodded and started looking through the stuff filling the boot of Ray’s car.

Frank had chosen a crowbar and was practising swinging it around like a mad man while Mikey was admiring the num-chucks in his hand “I wouldn’t use them”
Mikey looked up to see Ray standing before him “They’re hard to use if you don’t know how”
Ray turned towards the boot and pulled out a hand gun Mikey’s face lit up and he wondered how neither he or Frank had noticed it before Ray handed Mikey the gun “Take this and your bat”
Mikey nodded staring at the beautiful gun in his hands holding it like a baby Ray grinned “C’mon then, we’ve got a bit of a trek from here”
And with that they set off.

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