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Don't say you're not Ok

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The sequel to Can i run away with you again :)

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First chapter to the sequel! Sorry about the delay! I hope your summer has been amazing!

Gerards POV
"No we can't afford it, you know we can't." I repeat myself again losing it by the second. He just doesn't understand it at all.We just got an apartment that we can barely keep as it is so how am i supposed to give him more money? He won't ask his Mom because he wants independence and sure i know he'll pay me back when he can but i'm refusing him more money. And what he's spending it on is the reason i won't. He's been distancing himself lately, maybe unintentionally but he is backing off a lot and i don't like it. Not at all. See, he's been going on a lot of lunch dates, to a lot of movies all with the same person every time. This chick called Jameela, no that's not right. Joanna? Not sure. Jay.. something anyways. It starts with a J and according to Frankie she's amazing. Pretty, funny, kind, generous, smart blah blah blah. It started after he met her at the hospital. He had this appointment a few weeks back now, he said i needn't go along because it was just a routine check up. He's prone to colds and viruses so it was probably to do with that. Hes healthy anyway which is great but this girl and him being this close? Not good. She's kind of the way Hanna was really. One of those girls that you easily get on with and instantly like. They have this charm i guess and you just find yourself connecting right away. If he was to date any girl, i am sure she would be the perfect one for him. Jamia! That's her name! Yes, Jamia. Amazing, incredible, indescribable Jamia. She's not at all like me, either which is another thing. If he is so well suited with her then why is he with me when i'm completely different? She has her own place too. But a house about half an hour away. I've drove by there a few times and it does look inviting. It's covered in pretty flowers and decorations, in this little dead end road near the forest. She's not rich but she has way more money than me and she has a car. I did have a car but i kind of accidentally may have crashed it into a wall. It wasn't my fault though, really it wasn't. Anyway, she seems perfect. And Frankie could go off with her any day now and the thought of that terrifies me.What if this whole reconciliation has all been false? Just a way to make me feel the way he did after what happened with Bert? What if i end up going back to my old ways? I swore to myself and to Frankie that that part of my life was over for good. Would he even still care? Does he even care? All i know is i care and i will not let him go without a fight.

Frankies POV
"Gerard, i don't need that much. We're only going to a movie." I reply shrugging my shoulders. He's making such a big deal out of this. We're only going to watch a movie. One of those rom com pieces of crap. Personally, i'd be better off with action but Jamia chose. It was her turn.We've been here three times now, it's just a weekly thing. All friends do it. " Frankie, I can't afford it! You can stay here to watch movies!" Gerard snapped at me, making me jump. He never yells at me. Maybe once or twice in the past, if that. " Fine. We will then!" I yell back. " At my real home where i'm treated better!" I say and storm out heading for my Moms. AS i walk, i wonder if i'm doing the right thing. I'm keeping him in the dark about something. It's something pretty big too.I just don't want to hurt anyone. Mom and Dad were crushed when i told them and Jamia has been my pillars of strength.It's the first day of October today. It's cold out here but its even colder in there.

Oooh Secrets! I hope it was okay! xx
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