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I know you'll be there anyway

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Second Chapter! It feels like ages since i updated! I hope school is treating you all good now it's a new year! Thankyou! ;)

Gerards POV
I lie awake staring at the ceiling. Its two in the morning and since our fight earlier, i haven't heard from Frankie. I'm assuming he's gone to his Moms house just for the night, some notification would have been nice though. Just to stop me worrying. I hope Jamia isn't there with him. That's my job. I'm supposed to be with him, not her. Ok, Shut up you're getting crazy now. He's not with Jamia, he wouldn't be with anyone else. He'll just be asleep in his old room and his Mom will be taking good care of him. Hmm. But i'm still worrying like some kind of old lady. I know what i'll do. I'll go and get him. I'll go and pick up my Dads truck and head to their house. I'll have to apologize but that's no trouble. I'd do way more than that if he asked me to.

Frankie's POV
"I'll be alright Mom. They told me they're going to do whatever it takes." I reassure her, grasping her hand from across the dining table.
"I know they will, sweetheart. I'll make sure they do. But you're my only child. My little boy, you'll understand when you become a father." She says looking down at the glossy, dark wood. After a few seconds of silence she asks " Have you told Gerard yet?2 I know she isn't exactly keen on Gerard but she is worried for him, just like i am. And that's exactly why i can't tell him. Not yet.

The next morning

Frankie's POV
I wake up to the soft sound of my mother singing downstairs. She loves the Carpenters and i recognise the song as Superstar. " Long ago, and oh so far away, i fell in love with you, before the second show." I can't help but smile. Last night me and her went to sleep the night through together. I needed the comfort, i needed to feel someone next to me and I wanted to spend all of my time possible with my Mom. Just incase. The roar of a truck can be heard from outside. I recognise it as a truck because that's exactly how the Ways truck sounds. The next thing i know, there's a knock at the door. "Hi Linda, is Frank home?" It's Gerard. I immediately lie down and pretend to be fast asleep. Knowing just what my Mom will say. Footsteps make their way up the stairwell. She did exactly what i thought she would. Gerard has come to wake me up. " Frankie?" He whispers and sits down next to my curled up frame. " I'm so sorry." He says next brushing my fringe away from my eyes. They just tickle the tip of my nose making me giggle helplessly. " You're awake?" He says next as i bury my face in the quilt. " You bastard!" he laughs as i slap him on the thigh. He starts to tickle me and we both giggle as we roll about on the bed before we both fall to the floor. Still laughing, he scoots closer to me and lies down next to me on the stained carpet. I fist his t-shirt as he snakes his arms around my waist and kisses my forehead. " I really am sorry." He says. And he means it. I can tell his emotions just by looking into those eyes of his. " It's okay. I know you're a sassy bitch when you choose to be." I say grinning at him. He puts a hand on his heart and pulls an offended expression on his pretty face. " I do love you, you know?" I say, just to make sure he doesn't think our fight has changed anything. " I love you too." He says and i kiss his nose. " Frankie!? Your Hair!" He screams.

Gerards POV

I can't help but scream as tufts of his thick dark hair lie on the carpet leaving patches on his head from where it used to fall perfectly. " Frankie! Your Hair!" I say as concern fills every ounce of my body. " Gee, i need to tell you something. I just couldn't do it before. Jamia said i should tell you when i was ready-" I cut him off, desperate to know what has been happening to him. " Frankie, please just tell me." I say, fear creeping into my mind as i see Frank is close to breaking down. He begins to sob silently as i reach out to him. " Gerard, y-you may as well leave- c-cuz y-you will whenyoufindout." He forces out. " Frankie, i would never leave you over anything." I say shocked that he would ever think that, i take both of his hands and gently kiss his knuckles. He edges closer to me and rests his chin on my shoulder the way he used to when he was scared or nervous. " I-i-uh-i-i ha-have-have c-c-ca-cancer." He breathes out as his sobs continue to grow harsher and his body shakes. I just hold him, too shocked to even move an inch.

I hope this was okay! Poor little Frankie! xx
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