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Far away

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Hey guys! I'm not too sure about continuing with this one! Thankyou for reading though! I'm sorry its sucking slightly! xx

Gerards POV
Numb. We've been sitting on the floor for what feels like hours now, the tears have dried up, we've barely spoken. This is torture. I don't know what to do anymore. I stand up, gently pulling Frankie up with me. I just look at him for a few seconds, not sure whether i should say anything. I could say something completely wrong or offensive right now and that's the last thing he needs. " Gee-" He begins but i've reached out to the stereo. A vaguely familiar song starts to play softly. I lace his hands with my fingers. His fill the spaces between mine perfectly, as though they were created that way just for Frankie. I pull him slightly closer and we begin to dance. His chin lays comfortably on my shoulder although i can't help but giggle at the fact that he is on his tip toes. We spin and rock slowly until the song draws to the final strum of the guitar. " Thankyou." He whispers and tears look as though they're coming again. I gently caress his cheek with my index finger and pull into a tight hug, never wanting to let go. He will be okay, he just has to be.

Lindas POV
Frank Anthony Iero Jr. I'm looking through some old photographs in the kitchen. Just the ones hung on the walls. I guess i don't stop enough and look at them properly. My favourite has to be the one of me and Frank at Disneyland when he was five. I took him away after he'd been in hospital for bronchitis, just a little four day trip. His dad took the picture, he'd been so proud of Frank and how brave he was. How brave he still is. We talked on the phone last night. We talked about Frank and his treatment in the upcoming months. He was going to be in hospital alot. He was due for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery to try and remove the tumour that was overtaking his liver. Liver cancer. The doctor had been so reluctant to tell me the truth that day. As awful as it sounds, i didn't believe my son when he came home and told me, breaking down on the floor. I called up the doctor and then everything had changed. My baby was going to be ruined. He could die, he could need a transplant. How could i protect him? First, he began cutting, then i allowed Gerard to break his heart and now, he has cancer. I'm meant to stop those things, I'm his mother. I should be moving him away from Gerard and taking away anything that could hurt him in any form, but no, i've failed him. The only person who has ever taught me what unconditional, endless love is.

Franks POV
Gerard has been here for five hours now. He looks exhausted but he's refusing to go home. I bet Donna's waiting for him, he was supposed to be staying with her tonight because his dad is visiting them for the next few days and is staying in a nearby motel. It's good to see them being civil with eachother, i know Mikey and Gee will be happy about that. I may be sick, but i can look after myself. I keep reminding him of this and he just brushes me off and tells me he has to be here or he'll just panic and make himself ill. I dont want to make him ill. I dont want to break him down. I guess there's only one thing that can stop this. I have to end the best thing that i've ever experienced, but he'll be safe and he will move on.

[*Aww rip to cancer victims
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