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Zombies Are People Too...Maybe?

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Zombies have taken over the United States. FRERARD!

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Gerard’s P.O.V.

Exactly 2 months since zombies took over the majority of the United States of America. And my friends and me were driving up to Canada. I was stuck driving the party bus we got. Its about 2:00 am and we are in New York City. I was so bored. Everyone else was asleep. I was driving through central park which looked exactly the same. Minus people waking around. I missed my old life. Even though I was picked on every single day. But now life seemed lonely. Especially without mom and dad. They are somewhere in London. The zombie apocalypse started right after they left to go on vacation. My goal was simply to find them. That is if we make it to Canada alive. There are borders around the United States because nobody wanted the disease to spread. So they trapped us here and left us to die. I heard a scream and stopped the car with a jolt. Waking everyone up.
“Gee, what the fuck?” Ray mumbled. I loaded my gun.
“Where are you going?” Alice asked frantic.
“It sounded like him screaming. What if it is him?” I said about to open the door. Quin reached and slapped my hand away from the door.
“Gee, he is dead meat. I mean you saw the zombie chase him away. Please don’t go out.” He said. I sighed. The boy we were referring to was my little brother Mikey. I hadn’t seen him since 2 weeks ago. He was being chased by a zombie. I wasn’t fast enough. He was gone before I could save him. I bit my bottom lip.
“I don’t care. Someone needs help out there and I’m not going to just sit here. And I know my brothers scream. Don’t try to stop me.” I said opening the door.
“Fine. We are coming. We have to stick together.” Alice said. I nodded and started running in the direction I heard the scream. Well, until a zombie was right in front of me.
“Motherfuckin shit. it’s a-a doctor.” I said stumbling. Doctors are one of my biggest fears. Because doctors give shots and shots take b-b-blood. And they are n-needles. I felt faint. The zombie turned around and threw up some blood. I turned and made a run for it. My friends just watched me.
“Shoot it Gerard! Are you stupid?!” I heard Jared scream. I heard the zombie cough up blood the blood splattered onto my cheek. Shit. That meant he was close. Too close.
“Just shoot it for fucks sake! Somebody fucking shoot it!” I yelled. I saw Alice raise a gun but me being the total klutz tripped over a fucking tree branch and did like a flip over it. I saw the zombie coming closer and closer until BOOM. BOOM. Shot in the head twice. Blood. So much blood. My friends all ran over.
“Gerard!” I heard a familiar voice say to me. I used a tree to stand up and turned to see…Mikey. I smiled as he came over but I could see the blood and the dead zombie doctor. I couldn’t stop it. I see my brother, who I thought was dead, and threw up on him.
“Ew. That was a warm welcome.” Mikey said. I laughed a little but felt weak. I hadn’t been eating much and I lost a lot of weight.
“S-sorry Mikes. You know how I get around doctors. And blood. And needles. And-” I started but Mikey cut me off.
“Okay. Don’t think about it cause I’d prefer to not be thrown up on again.” Mikey said laughing a little. He took off his vomit covered sweatshirt and threw it on the ground. I smiled as he waved to Ray. I threw my arms around him clinging onto him.
“MikeyIcantbelieveyourokay.I’msososososososososohappy.Imissedyoulikeshit.” I said really fast. Mikey smiled and hugged back.
“I have no idea what you just said but I missed you Geetard.” He said. I smiled and looked at him.
“God. I’m so relieved your safe. But how?” I asked. Mikey smirked.
“Frank helped me.” He said.
“Frank?” I said.
“You know Frankie, he used to go to school with us but left to go to Catholic school.” Mikey said. I laughed.
“You mean the kid who used to wear ties and suits like everyday. Dude, even your better than him.” I said laughing. Mikey pouted.
“Hey, I’m awesome. And besides. Frank isn’t like that anymore. He is-” but Frank cut Mikey off.
“Mikey, I just had to fight off like 6 zombies. Where in fucks sake where you.” I heard a boy say. I looked behind Mikey and saw the hottest guy ever. He was really short, but sexy. He had black hair with red dye on the sides. And he was wearing black skinnies, a white hans, red converse, and a red, white, and blue bandana sticking out of his back pocket.
“Sorry Frank. I found my friends and my brother.” Mikey said. Fuck. That was Frank Iero. My heart melted.
“Oh, really, that’s-” Frank looked up and our eyes met. I saw his cheek turn a bit red and I almost died looking at him. He was like walking sex. “g-great.” He finished. Mikey smirked.
“Well, I’m gonna go say hi to Ray and others. Have fun you two.” Mikey said walking cheerfully to the others grinning.
“I’m Gerard, Mikey’s older brother.” I said smiling a bit. Frank walked toward me and smirked. Gosh, his smirk was so hot.
“I’m Frank.” He said. I coughed a bit and sighed.
“So, where are you headed?” I asked Frank.
“Canada. Then I’m headed to Italy.” He said. I nodded. “What about you?” He asked. I felt nauseous still.
“Canada than L-lon-” I couldn’t finish. I fell on the ground coughing, feeling like crap.
“Shit man. Are you okay? Please be okay… I’ve liked you since 9th grade and I thought you were dead and you probably don’t remember me but I remember you and just please be okay.” He said really fast. I whimpered a bit. Frank sat on the ground in front of me and I lay my head in his lap. I spoke quietly. So, only Frank could hear.
“Frank, why would you like me? I’m a klutz and a diva. And I cant even eat anything without throwing it up.” I said. Frank had started stroking my hair.
“Gerard, I don’t know if you remember but almost everyday since 10th grade we always hung out. Well, I hung out with Mikey but you were there too. And I would always just be looking at you and thinking wow, he is so amazing. You don’t take anyone’s shit, you are your own self, and you have a great personality.” He said. I smiled a little.
“Gee, if you give me a chance to be with you I promise you I will make you better. I hate seeing you like this.” He said. I smiled and took his hand in mine.
“Forever and always.” I said. He smiled and kissed my forehead before picking me up. I put my arms around his neck and cuddled into him.
“Gee?! What happened?” I heard Mikey yell.
“Omigod Gee!” Alice said.
“Guys, he is okay. He is just tired and weak.” Frankie said.
“Weak?” Mikey questioned.
“He hasn’t been eating.” Frankie said sniffling.
“Shit.” Ray said.
“Called it!” Quinn said.
“Shut the fuck up Quinn!” Gemma said in her thick British accent.
“Guys! How about you all just get your motherfuckin asses on the bus. Jared, you are driving. I’m too weak. I need to rest.” I said. They all nodded and followed me and Frank onto the bus. It was great being in charge.
“Nice place you guys got.” Mikey said. I felt Frank put me down on a couch. He moved a piece of my hair out of my face and behind my ear.
“Frankie, can I talk to Gee for a minute?” Mikes asked. Frankie nodded smiling at me before getting up and walking over to everyone else.
“Hey Mikes.” I said smiling.
“Gee, why aren’t you eating?” He asked.
“Mikes, when you went missing all I could do was worry and whenever I ate I would throw up after making myself sick. I-I’m sorry.” I said sitting up, still feeling nauseous. I watched Frankie talk to my friends and I smiled.
“Wow, barely ten minutes and your already heads over heels for him.” Mikes said. I smiled.
“Love works in weird ways.” I said smirking.
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