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I promise to never ever never ever ever leave you

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stuff happens. Frerard.

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Chapter two- Today I don’t feel like doing anything..

Gee’s P.O.V.
I was sitting on the couch looking through pictures of my mother and father. And grandma. Jared was driving and eating some greasy shit. I wanted to throw up just smelling it. I looked at Grandma’s picture one more time before closing the book and laying down on the couch. I was too lazy to walk to my bunk. We had 8 bunks on the bus. It was kinda like a tour bus you could say. I thought about grandma, she was my best friend. I mean, I was always over at her house and she taught me everything I know. Like not giving a shit about what anyone says about me. I miss her. I’m glad she didn’t see the zombie apocalypse. I couldn’t bear to see her turn into a zombie. She was resting peacefully in the earth in her black glossy coffin. With that thought I fell into a deep sleep.

I was walking through the graveyard unsure of my surroundings. I looked in all directions and suddenly heard Frankie’s scream. I ran towards it and saw something that killed me. My grandma was a zombie and she was chasing Frankie. My Frankie.
“Gee! Help me! Please!” He screamed. He didn’t have his gun. I couldn’t shoot my grandma.. She was my favorite person but I loved Frankie so so much. I raised my gun but then dropped it and Frankie cried and he tripped over a branch and fell to the ground crying his eyes out as my grandma got closer.
“Gee! I love you! Please!” He pleaded but it was too late. He was being eaten alive. He was gone….

“Gee! Baby, wake up! Its only a dream..Its only a dream..” I heard Frankie whisper in my ear. My eyes shot open and I jumped on Frankie hugging him for dear life and crying, hiding my head in his shoulder. He held me and kissed my face all over.
“Shhh… I’m… Here now.” He said in between kisses.
“F-Frankie, never let go of me.” I sniffled. He put his warm hands on my cheeks and pecked my lips.
“I will love you till the end of time Gerard. I love you so so so much.” he said. I nodded and smiled a little.
“Baby, your freezing.” Frankie said. I shivered in his arms. He picked me up and brought me to my bunk laying me down. He kissed my cheek. “Get some sleep.” He said putting my raven black hair behind me ear. I grabbed his hand.
“Frankie, can you sleep here? I have nightmares all the time and maybe being with you will make them go away.” I said. Frank smiled.
“I thought you would never ask.” He said getting under the covers with me. I leaned my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me keeping me warm and making me feel safe and secure.
“I love you Frankie..” I said drifting off to a much needed sleep.

Frank’s P.O.V.

I watched Gerard sleep as I held him close to me. He was beautiful. I remember the first time I meet him and the first time he said a word to me. My mind was bursting with flashbacks. And all I did was watch every single one of them.

When I first saw him….

“Hey Frank! Ready to go play video games?” Mikey asked me.
“Hell yeah!” I responded so excited to go over to Mikey’s. Mikey was the first person to ever accept me. I mean, people get the wrong impression about me. My mom was very overly religious and made me wear a tie all the time and stuff. But I hated religion. It was stupid. I was in love with rock n’ roll and video games and zombies. Zombies were my favorite monsters. I followed Mikey to his home not really paying attention to what he was rambling about. I had met his parents before at the church but never his brother. Which was good cause-
“Earth to Frankie..” Mikey said waving his hand in front of my face. I realized we were at his house. Mikey laughed a bit.
“Come on!” He said pulling me in through his front door and into the living room where he set up the video game throwing me a controller. He sat down next to me and we started shooting zombies. For at least an hour. Then we heard the door open.
“Mom? I’m home!” I heard a boy’s voice call out. Must be his brother Gerard. I think that’s his name.
“Mom is at the supermarket Gee! Come meet Frank! He is awesome.” Mikey said to his brother who walked into the room and looked like he was angry. He was gorgeous. He was wearing black skinnies, a black trench coat, a saw t shirt, black doc martens and a beanie.
“Hi Mikes.” He said. He looked at me and rolled his beautiful eyes. “You must be Frank Iero. The religious boy.” He said hiding a laugh. I glared at him before getting up.
“Bye Mikey. I better get home.” I said grabbing my backpack and leaving. I ran down the street and ran up to my room. I hated myself. I hated my mom. I would change. I would show them all I’m not what they think I am.

How I found Mikey being chased by a zombie…

I kicked the grass and sighed. I had no friends, no family, nobody. My mother warned me about the zombie apocalypse and know she is hidden underground in the church. Whatever. It was hot outside but I only had this one outfit. I was wearing white skinnies, a day of the dead t shirt, a black bullet belt, black converse, and a black trench coat. You might ask why I was wearing a trench coat. It was cause it reminded me of him. Gerard Way. I held my gun in my hand and saw some sunglasses on the ground I picked them up and cleaned the blood off of them. Eh, they would be perfect. I put on the black ray bans and heard a zombie come my way. And a human screaming…I turned around and saw someone who I had known to have died. I pointed my gun at the zombie. Perfect shoot. Twice in the head. I guess all that video gaming at his house made me an expert shooting zombies. I walked over to him.
“Hey Mikes.” I said smirking.
“D-do I know you?” He asked. He looked hot, I must admit. He didn’t have glasses.
“You sure do Mikes. It me. Frank. Frank Iero.” I said smiling. His eyes got large and he hugged me.
“Frank! Omigod you look so different!” He said. I smiled and took off the sunglasses.
“You look different too Mikey.” I said. He smirked.
“Gerard would fuck you in a second if he saw you now.” He smirked. I went beat red.
“S-shut up.” I said. He smirked.
“it’s the truth. He totally would.” Mikey said.
“Where is he now?” I asked. Mikey burst out in tears and explained the whole thing to me. I frowned and promised to help him find them. Who knows. Maybe Gerard would fuck me…Boy would I enjoy that.

I smiled and laughed a little thinking about how lucky Mikes and I were to find them. How lucky I am to be laying here with the hottest boy ever. Gerard Way. My lover. Gerard and Frank Way-Iero. Mr. Frank Way. I smiled and fell asleep.
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