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chapter one teaser

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Just so you guys that have audition can see the way I write and how the boys are

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“Mikey! Hurry up!” Gerard called up the stairs to his forever-late brother
“I’m coming I’m coming” came the reply Gerard sighed they should have left 20 minutes ago and if they didn’t leave soon they would miss their flight but thankfully Mikey was now in sight at the top of the stairs pink suitcase in hand and his glasses on the tip of his nose
“No” Gerard said simply Mikey looked confused
“Why? What?” he started lugging the ridicules suitcase down the stairs
“Aren’t I meant to be the sassy one?” Gerard raised an eyebrow making no attempt to help his brother down the stairs
“Oh shutup asshole I had to use Mom’s mine couldn’t fit everything in” Mikey huffed as he pulled the suitcase down the remaining three steps Gerard sniggered and started out the house Mikey was quick behind him and the boys clambered into the car Gerard was in the drivers seat and started the car speaking as he backed out of the drive
“Now we’ve got to pick up Frank and meet everyone else at the airport…. If they haven’t left without us already” They pulled out of the drive way and onto the road finally setting off on their majestic adventure.

When they got to Frank’s house he was waiting outside a massive rucksack on his back he grinned at his two friends as they pulled into his drive Gerard rolled down his window
“Pop your stuff in the trunk then we’re off” he called as Frank walked round to the back of the car slipped off his rucksack and shoved it in the boot of the car he then opened the back door behind Mikey and climbed in.

“So guys” Frank leaned forward once they were safely on the motorway
“I’ve been looking into that forest” he continued
“Aokigahara” Mikey nodded
“yeah whatever Aokiga-thingy… well anyway I’ve been reading into it… well actually I watched this thing on it so its not really reading but I said reading anyway” Gerard cocked an eyebrow
“Get to the point Frankie” he joked looking at Frank in the drivers mirror before turning his attention back to the road Frank nodded
“Uh yeah well its actually quite famous its known as like a suicide forest they like found 78 bodys there in 2008 or something, or like olot I dunno but they usually find around 30 in there a year but that’s not all cause like its meant to be haunted by these weird spirit things… um Yurei I think and they like torment the people that go in there by screaming and shit…Oh! And there are these ice caves cause its all on like volcanic land or whatever and there is a wind cave… that I assume is like really fuckin’ windy or something” Mikey snorted
“Wind caves; fuckin’windy or something” Frank hit Mikey over the head hard
“Watch is asshole” he warned Gerard just smiled this was going to be a long drive.

A/N So guys what are you thinking? If you havend auditiont yet please go and do so! this is how I shal be writing and stuffs love you long time guys xxx
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