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Little update but please read some important infomation! :3

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So Hey guys I have enjoyed reading all the auditions so far Ive posted it both on Ficwad and Fanworks and its going to be really hard to choose!

It seems everyone wants to be a girlfriend not that I blame you... its just that Gerard can't have four different girls without things getting weird ;) and iiii do not want to be writing that... so basically the point of this update is to say can you give me a second choice of character that is NOT one of the guys gfs just so that your not toooo dissapointed with the results

The second part of this update is to say i shall be closing the audions early so the results will be up Friday evening (England time) hopefully and then I can get to work on the writing!

So thanks for all your feedback on the first chapter it means so much to me! And auditions are still open for those intrested!

Love you xxx
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