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Yes they are up early but my fingers were itching! (that sounds weird :/)

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So this was such a hard decision and I’m so sorry if you are disappointed with your part I know this is up early but I had made my decision and I’m itching to get writing so I figured I may as well tell you guys now!

So enough of my rambling here are the results!

Gerard’s Girlfriend- Annabelle Lee
Mikey’s Girlfriend- Chloe Walsh
Frank’s Girlfriend- Erin Thorpe
Ray’s Girlfriend- Jezebel Dean
Bob’s Girlfriend- Gisele (Gigi)

Tour Guide- Ashley Walsh
Medic- Chloe Walsh (So you’re the medic and Mikey’s gf because it goes well with part of the story)

Demons- Julia Burke, Alexa Skye, Jasmine Price and Frankie

Camera girl and Frank’s best friend- Emily Toye

Teen 1- Emily (possibly paired up with Ashley later on)
Teen 2- Abbie (Abigail)

So thankyou SOOOOOOO much for auditioning and if you didn’t get the part you wanted I already have other ideas for storys in my noggin that I will probably post auditions up for once ive really gotton on top of this!

Love you guuuyyyyysss xxxxxx
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