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Short chap.

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Me and Gerard walked hand in hand into the house. not knowing what to expect. Ray was the first one to see us he immediately dropped his sandwich, jumped up and said, "Gerard! What do you think you're doing? We can't have anything distracting her!"

Frank ran in from the kitchen to see what Ray was yelling about, he was followed by Mikey.

"Aww come on, seriously?" Mikey whined and ran to his and Gerard's bedroom. Frank simply followed Mikey with his eyes on the floor. I sighed, not really happy with all the bad mojo. I thought at least Frank would be happy for us. Gerard went into the room with Mikey and Frank. I don't know why they had both reacted the way they did, but something told me i shouldn't eaves drop or check up on them or anything. So I left Gerard to that. I sat next to Ray and tried not to react to his disapproving gaze, but I couldn't help it.

"Ray he's not going to distract me," I gave him a seriously stern look, he gave one right back.

"That's not the biggest problem here, haven't you noticed how Mikey and Frank cling to you?" I nodded, "They're my best friends, of course they do, and Frankie clings to everyone."

He rolled his eyes, "They both have had huge crushes on you since the seventh grade but they hid it pretty well because they didn't want Gerard to find out."

"B-but that was before me and Gerard started dating, they never did anything about it." I stuttered.

"They're shy when it comes to that stuff. Now, you can keep denying it, or do something about it!" Ray yelled. I cringed, how have they not heard us by now?

I jumped up, "What am I supposed to do? They know I love Gerard, I always have."

"I don't know, tell them if Gerard wasn't here you would be with one of them!" I gasped and slapped his arm, "Ray, don't say things like that!"

He stood up, rubbing his arm, "Look I'm basically just saying, let them you care, a lot, maybe even hug them more!"

The room fell into silence, I nodded to him and rubbed my forehead, this was just another problem to deal with.

I turned around and walked into the room that everyone else was in, bring on the affection.
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