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Getting A Little Personal

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to make up for the shortness of my last chapter

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I walked in on probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen, (and I've seen a lot of weird shit). All three guys were hugging and crying. I cleared my throat, feeling extremely out of place. Why was Gerard crying?

They all looked up and jumped away from each other.

"L-l-leda." Mikey stuttered, trying to smudge his tears away.

"Guys…." I threw my arms around all of them letting a fear tears escape.

"Don't cry Leda, you know we hate seeing you cry," Frank whispered.

"Well I hate seeing you guys cry, so if you stop, I'll stop." I said to all of them.

"We weren't crying we were just hugging!" Gerard denied.

"Yeah, yeah. That's probably the manliest thing I've ever seen you guys do," I smiled. We all laughed.

"Alright so I have some questions," I sat on Mikey's bed next to Frank.

The all nodded at me to continue.

"Well first of all, why were you crying Gerard?" I was really confused about that.

"Because me and the guys here shared a moment," He smiled, serious.

I raised a brow, "Okay tell me exactly what went down in here while I was out there with Ray."

They all looked at each other, "tell us what you two were screaming about and we'll tell you everything," Mikey dealed.

I agreed, "We were fighting about you and Frankie."

"What about us?" Mikey asked.

"Hey that wasn't part of the deal," I smirked.

"Dammit she's right, a deal's a deal," Frank said, irritated with Mikey's lack of knowledge in making deals.

"So tell me everything," I continued smirking.

Frank spoke first, "Well I came in here to comfort Mikey, because-"

"-Comfort me? I was comforting you just as much as you were me!" Mikey cut in.

"Guys you were both comforting each other, and I know why. Ray told me everything." They both looked down, embarrassed. Gerard looked confused.

"What are you talking about? They're overly happy for us, right guys? That's what you told me." Gerard looked like a confused little kid.

Mikey shook his head, "Gee, we didn't want you to know this but maybe it's time we tell you."

"Tell me what?" Gerard frowned.

"We've had the biggest crushes on Leda since the seventh grade, since- you know what I still do, you don't even deserve her! Not after everything!" Frank spat.

Gerard's eyes widened and put on a stone cold serious face, "Frank don't you even-"

"No this needs to be said we can't continue keeping lies from her!" Frank raised his voice.

Mikey cowered to the opposite bed, "Frank, maybe you shouldn't."

Frank completely ignored them and turned to me, "Leda I'm about to tell you every single lie we've ever kept from you."
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