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Chapter 5

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“Behind every happy face is pain, Frank.”

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He pulled away.
I bit my lip.
“So I suppose I’m the one you’re ‘interested in’?”
He looked away.
“Yeah…” He said softly.
He turned around and walked to the foot of the stairs, glanced back at me, and continued on upstairs.

Gerard’s POV

I walked up the stairs and slammed myself on the bed.
Fml Fml Fml.
Frank hates me now. I can just tell.
I pulled up my sleeve and stared at my wrists.
Many silver scars occupied the space.
I stood up, walked into the bathroom, and grabbed a razor.
I walked back into the room and sat on my bed.
As I dragged the razor across my veins, Frank opened the door.

Frank’s POV

“Gerard…what are you doing?”
Blood. Coming. From. His. Wrist.
“Um…I…uh…” He said.
I went over and sat next to him.
“Why?” I asked. “You always seem so happy.”
He turned to me.
“Behind every happy face is pain, Frank.”
I turned away and walked to my bed.
I climbed in.
“Goodnight Gerard.”
I was faced away from him so I couldn’t see his reaction.

I eventually fell asleep.
Halfway through the night I heard him crying.
I felt bad but didn’t want to do anything.
I fell back asleep.
In the morning, there was a note on Gerard’s bed.
It read…

I’m sorry for everything. I’m going back home.
Maybe we’ll see each other again. Probably not.
Forgive me. This is for me, not you.

I had to find him.
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