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Chapter 6

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Someone was screaming my name. I didn’t know who it was.

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He would probably be at the airport right now.
I had to walk.
Actually, I ran. It wasn’t that far.
I got into the doors and tried to find him.
It wouldn’t be that hard…he was tall…unlike me.
“Gerard?” I screamed many times.

Gerard’s POV
Someone was screaming my name. I didn’t know who it was.
I turned around to try to find the person who was calling my name.
I heard it again, and followed the sound of the voice.
I stopped cold when I saw Frank. His eyes lit up.

Frank’s POV
I found Gerard. I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him.
“I’m so sorry Gee. I’m not mad at you. I guess I was just shocked when I saw you hurting yourself…I don’t know why you would. You’re too beautiful.” I hugged him tighter.
“I’m sorry I left. I was like…overreacting.”
“Will you please come back?” I asked.
“…Okay.” He said.
“Thank you GeeGee.” I giggled and kissed him on his cheek.
“But one thing…” He said.
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