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Chapter 8

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“Tell him!” Mikey yelled at Gerard, then punched him.

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Gerard stood up, looked at me, and went to the other side of the room.
“What the hell are you doing here Mikey? I thought you were in Britain with mom?”
“I was. I came to visit. But I wasn’t expecting you to be eating this-“ He looked at me. “-short guy’s face.” He continued. “I never knew you even liked guys. Thanks for telling me.”
“I’m sorry Mikey…wait, how’d you even know where I was?”
“The paper that says the address of whoever’s house you’re going to be living at?”
“Anyway, I just wanted to take you two somewhere.” He said.
Gerard and I looked at each other.
“Where?” I asked.
“Come on.”
We stood up and followed Mikey out the door into the city.
He led us to an alley, then to the door of a bar.
“What the fuck Mikey. You know I don’t drink after…what happened…” Gerard said.
Mikey glared at him.
“Too bad. And why don’t you tell you’re little boyfriend what happened that time?”
Why was Mikey such a jerk? He seemed nice when Gerard was on the phone with him. But I had only heard one sentence then.
Gerard looked at me with sad eyes, but said nothing.
“Tell him!” Mikey yelled at Gerard, then punched him.
“Fine.” Gerard said, then sighed.
“Hurry up, I can only stand out here for so long Gerard.” Mikey yelled, again.
Gerard looked at me again.
“Okay…Frank…I used to be an alcoholic and drink all the time. And Mikey won’t let me forget it and always makes me go to bars.”
I looked at him with sad eyes, then hugged him.
“Hey!” Mikey screamed at me then kicked me away from Gerard.
“The fuck?” I said under my breath.
Luckily Mikey didn’t hear me.
He walked into the bar and we had no choice but to follow.
He walked up to the counter and sat down. He made Gerard sit between me and him.
“Two martini’s. Dry.” He said to the bartender.
Once they were ready, he took one in his hand, and put the other in front of Gerard.
“Drink it.” Mikey ordered Gerard.
Gerard quickly drank it.
I was in awe about how mean Mikey was, and how Gerard obeyed him.
“Good boy Gerard.” Mikey said.
Gerard let his head fall down, his hair covering his face.
“Bitch.” Mikey said, pushing him over, then walking out of the bar.
“Gerard…” I said quietly, and helped him up. He was crying.
“I hate him. So much.” He said softly.
I hugged him, took his hand, and led him out of the bar.
We walked into the park and sat on a bench.
“Why is he so mean to you?” I asked.
“Honestly….I don’t know.” He cried some more.
I kissed him.
“Gerard, it’s okay. I’m sure he left.”
“He didn’t. I know he didn’t.” He said, crying into my shoulder.
“You’re right, my brother.” Mikey said from behind us.
I turned around, and punched Mikey harder than I’ve ever punched anyone.
He grabbed my hand and lifted me up.
“Enjoy this Gerard.” He said and winked.
He punched me, kicked me, bit me.
I was screaming and screaming.
He finally dropped me on the ground and sat next to me.
“How was that?” He said and winked.
Then he kissed me, stood up, and kicked my head.
“Sweet dreams.” He said laughing, and walked away.
My eyes closed, but I could still hear everything.
Gerard was crying.
I tried to get up and help him, but I couldn’t.
I couldn’t do anything but lay there and let Gerard cry.
I felt so terrible.
Finally, after what felt like forever, I opened my eyes. I was in the hospital.
“Gerard?” I said.
He walked into my room.
Why did he look so much older?
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