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Final Chapter

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He opened his eyes wide.
“Frank?” He said quietly.
He screamed.
“You’re awake!” He ran over to me and hugged me, then started crying.
“Yeah Frankie?”
“…how long have I been here?”
He looked at me with pain in his eyes.
“…3 years…”
“Are you kidding me?” I yelled.
“No…Mikey can hurt people really bad…” He said, not facing me.
“Well…what has happened in the 3 years?”
He bit his lip.
“Um…Mikey’s in jail…I um…“
“What Gerard?”
“I changed …I married um…LynZ…and we have a daughter now.” He said quickly.
My mouth went dry.
“I thought you were gay…”
He shrugged.
“I thought you loved me…” I said.
“I’m sorry.” He said softly. “We can still be friends?”
“No.” I said looking him in the eyes.
I turned away.
“Will you please leave?”
I looked at him.
His eyes were watering.
He bit his lip, then kissed me.
He got up and walked to the door.
He stopped, and turned to me.
“I’m so sorry. I love you Frank. Please forgive me.”
And with that, he walked out the door.

And that concludes I Miss You, I Miss You So Far!
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