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The Human Race

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It's hard to be a hero when you have no idea what your doing. Luckily, you can always ask for help.

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That Hero Business

Prologue - The Human Race

I've lived longer than most humans can ever think of living (except perhaps the evil liches who defy death at every turn), of all my companions, only matron Coravera Rua'tac is my elder. As a planeshifter, I never run out of places to explore, and the differences between each world, culture and even locale has kept me entertained through all these years.
However, there is one race that appears consistently in my travels, that of the short-lived humans. They are not the shortest lived race I have ever encountered (Spellscales live shorter, more passionate lives than even the humans), but they are the most numerous. The perpetual rabbits of the universe, humans as a species have always persevered. In every dimension, at every level of technology, there have been humans, often as the dominant species. I attribute this equally to their unerringly fast breeding cycle and to their incredible ambition. Darrius was the first human I ever came to know well (though he later became a dragonborn and ruined the quiet studies I had been making of him), and he had an ambition to match his forefathers. Humans are builders of great cities, creative inventors, and determined adversaries to those who try to best them. This is a consistency among all human civilizations, although not all individuals. Indeed, when I first met Andrew, he was quite content to settle down into a steady, unchanging life. Once shown other possible paths however, he re-entered life with a vigor to honor his bloodlines. Ambition and determination are constants for the human race, who's customs vary from the strict life of Roman Catholicism to the wild dancing orgies of the jungle barbarians.
No matter what the culture or habitat, humans of each new world provide a new sense of wonder and often amusement to my heart. Also, due to their great ambition, the fruits of that human spirit always seem to amaze me.

-Kiralia Digitalis Naburo-Nailo
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